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There was no one like him, and that was the point.

Monday morning the world found out that it lost one of the most creative forces the planet Earth had ever seen when we lost David Bowie.

Known under many names, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, The pale white Duke, and a number of other superlatives. He first became known back in 1969 when Space Oddity was released the month of the Moon landing. But along with his song writing skills, it was his ability to reinvent himself over and over again over the decades that kept him in the spotlight he deserved all these years.

As a fan of glam music, Of course, I recognize his influence. David and his close friend Marc Bolan created the genre. They took what had been popular, and went in the complete opposite direction. And while Glam faded, and Marc left us to soon, David was there. He didn’t change to fit with the times, hell the times seemed to change to be Bowie

But he was much more than costumes and the music. David’s sense of originality and his sense to be himself and express himself in whatever way he wanted rang true with a lot of people, including me. I’ve never been one people called “normal”. Hell, I never wanted to be average or normal. Being the brightest crayon in the box was something I like to live by. While I’ve always found inspiration in Freddie Mercury for most of my life, David was a big part of that creative influence, even though he was able to excel in a different medium than I do.

Unfortunately, we as the public didn’t know just what he was going through and how hard he was working as his health was leaving him. Fighting liver cancer for a year and a half, knowing that this cancer would likely kill him, he went back into the studio and recorded his goodbye to everyone in Blackstar, the album that was released 2 days before he quietly passed away in his sleep.

There were many quotes that were said in the wake of Bowie leaving us, but I’ll repost something from my own facebook and I still mean every word of it.

I can’t say I haven’t been teary eyed a few times during the day today after waking up to the news David Bowie died. Not only as a fan of his music, a fan of the genre he helped refine, but as someone who has always held pride in being different. I’ve had the chance to help bring some of my characters to life in ways that he brought about his visions over the course of a long and storied career. He has been one of my inspirations, even if he had different means to express himself than I do.

So for all the artists, creatives, and those of us that revel in being weird and ourselves. Thank you, David, Thank you for everything.

-Keith, Soul, kRaven, Mirakoshi, Aegis, and all the other characters that call this mind home.



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  1. I loved your tribute and wished I could write one half as good as you .The world lost a great artist who wasn’t afraid to push that envelope to get to the style he wanted and so talented . I’m so glad he went in his sleep and felt no pain of leaving loved one, just quietly.

  2. I love your last comment after contact me on twitter. The Anime Queen.

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