I could not get my hands on the second or third movie sadly. Part of me wonders if they could not wait until they got to the fourth movie so they could make the “420” pun. This movie is less than an hour long with the same intro and transitions as the first movie. GingerDead Man makes another appearance in the Bong World like the one in the first movie. Managed to make him uglier and crappier. A perverted old man named Rabbit is opening a topless bowling alley with two bimbos. At an additional charge, he will sneak pot into the shoes. He also has a leaf blower that blows pot smoke.

There are more boobs than characters in this movie. Ebee and Gingerdead are looking for Rabbit because he escaped the Bong World. Evil Bong and GingerDead leave the Bong World. And… I cannot believe I am about to say this… Gingerdead has sex with one of the employees. That is something I never want to see again.

There’s perversion, racism, lesbianism, blood, all of the qualifications for a story bad enough to be good but this is terrible. At least the ending was not what you think it would be.

Another movie not worth the watch, unless you want to see boobs. Not a movie and boobs, just boobs. You can see those with porn and more. 2/10. It is available on Hulu for free.

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