At the team’s lowest point, help arrives in the form of someone from Aquita’s past. For those who don’t know, Robkas D’Vane is Aquita’s ex from before she ever met Mateo. They were close until he went away on a diplomatic mission. He went missing and was presumed dead. Aquita eventually moved on and married Mateo. Robkas eventually returned and got cosmic powers. He tried many times to split up the two and eventually the Praetorians, the cosmic entities he worked for, decided enough was enough and imprisoned him. Through it all, his love for Aquita keeps him going and he still thinks there’s a future for them. He is wrong. Dead wrong.

Whew. That sounded like a soap opera didn’t it? Well, what’s a story without a bit of conflict? Sufficed it to say, Mr. D’Vane is going to try and be redeemed. Will it work? Who can say? I do have plans for him. Should be fun.


For more on Robkas’s past exploits, check out

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I am the author of the Starbolts webcomic and host of Comic Showcase.

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