10 Alternative endings to the 2016 Rumble match.

Hey, gang! So as I was writing yesterday’s article on my thoughts on the Royal Rumble and how much I despised the idea of Triple H putting the belt on himself going into what may be the biggest North American wrestling event of all time, I began to think of some different alternatives on who should have won the belt in the Royal Rumble match. After watching the match again and thinking it over, I came up with a top ten list of alternative endings to the Rumble I feel would have made better endings to the show at the very least, and how that they would fit into the storylines leading to Wrestlemania 32. So here is an extra from me this week.

Before we jump in I probably should explain that I didn’t go too far into fantasy booking here. Cena, Orton, Rollins, and Bryan are all out with injuries and that can’t be changed in time for this match so they are not here. Shinsuke Nakamura is still tied to NJPW and wouldn’t be in the match either. I’m also not putting in NXT guys who weren’t in the match. Just wanted to square away any of that. I also have the match with Roman Reigns being the end result on the road to Wrestlemania so that’s where every one of these entries ends up.

AJ Styles:

Now hear me out on this. I’m not putting this here because I’m a huge A.J. Styles mark. I’m a fan of his work, but I don’t think he’s god or anything. Anyway, I see this scenario playing out in two ways. Both of which would have Styles come out at number 30.

A) Roman comes back into the match at around number 27, which would be Sheamus. Triple H comes out at 28 and Roman and Triple H clear the ring through 29. With the two men left the buzzer sounds and outcomes Styles. The three men stand in the ring before Styles clobbers a “tired” Reigns and eliminates him out of the rumble. Styles stares down Triple H before Hunter backs down and eliminates himself from the match. Styles stands in the ring as the crowd goes wild before Hunter enters the ring again with the belt, and after another stare down hugs Styles and puts the belt around him, claiming that Styles was Hunter’s “ringer” to take the title away from Roman. This leads to Roman earning his way to the shot at Mania, all the time showing off Styles on TV and building a feud between him and Roman.

B) Much like the above, Roman comes back into the match around 27. Triple H comes in at 28 and they clear the ring. Hunter then tosses Reigns out and stands alone in the ring as Number 30 comes out and it’s Styles. Crowd cheers as Styles goes at it with Hunter before Styles tosses the Game out and shocks the world. Roman and Styles form sort of a weird anti-Authority bond for a little while but when Reigns earns the title shot instead of Triple H at FastLane, they turn on each other gearing for the big one.

I put this so low on the list because while it is an interesting idea, the WWE (IE Vince) would never go this route of putting the belt on a guy in his first appearance, nor would he do it for someone who earned his rep elsewhere without making him do stupid shit first.


The Accidental Champion:

THIS would probably blow people’s minds. The idea isn’t that it is a specific person. This scenario would work with just about any lower card guy with a fanbase. Heath Slater, R-Truth, Damian Sandow, those kinds of guys. It would be like the 2011 rumble finish if Santino had won instead of Alberto Del Rio. Picture one of these guys that NO ONE thinks have a chance entering at like number 25. The run right into Brock Lesnar or Braun Stroman and get hit with a suplex or a punch and are knocked out and roll out of the ring under the bottom rope and forgotten.

Fast forward to the end of the rumble where Triple H and Roman are fighting and both end up gong over the top rope and to the floor at the same time. The refs outside the ring are going crazy over who won, and even Vince comes out to say that Triple H won the match. One lone ref runs over screaming that there is still one guy left who was never eliminated. Then to the surprise of the crowd and Vince, the winner is announced and it’s the shmuck outside the ring who is just getting up and doesn’t even know he’s won until he has been handed the belt.

Much like Mikey Whipwreck of ECW fame, the next month or so would be this poor guy proving he could hang with the big dogs of the WWE and keeps winning despite what Triple H throws at him, until FastLane when he ends up losing thanks to a supreme amount of cheating (probably to Sheamus or Brock Lesnar) leading to Roman facing whomever Vince’s chosen champion is, and our schlub ends up helping Roman win the title.


The Underdog Champion:

Similar to the last entry, but instead of a total bottom dweller you can pull this off with people a little higher on the card like Dolph Ziggler, Miz, hell even guys like Stardust. Neville, Sami Zayn, and others. Things would play out with the final four being Reigns, Sheamus, Triple H, and this guy. Sheamus tussles with our guy while the focus is on Triple H and Roman fighting on the other side of the ring. We don’t see Sheamus going out but Michael Cole yells that he is out. Our guy then runs over and dumps out both Reigns and Trips and wins the title with a bit more legitimacy as the number 9 scenario. How things play out after that depend on if the guy is a face or heel. Maybe not make it all the way to Wrestlemania, but still could be an interesting story!


Chris Jericho:

As I said in my Rumble review, I’m baffled why they had Jericho last nearly an hour in this match (and actually be in the match the whole time *ahem*), but with his past character and storylines, this would actually work as a story for the Rumble. You wouldn’t have to change much for it, just have him be the guy who eliminates Reigns at the end, maybe with a good shot to the nuts or with a chair, good old fashioned cheating, and has him win the belt. He instantly turns on the fans who haven’t cheered him this time around as in the past and aligns himself with Triple H after the Game offers him a lot of money. He buries the hatchet with both Trips and Steph, leading to a Mania showdown with Roman.


Kevin Owens:

Wins the Rumble the same way as I just had for Jericho, except it would be totally natural for him since the whole deal with Owens is that he’s a dick heel. Doesn’t so much let Triple H tell him what to do so much as Trips manipulates him with big money bonuses since he’s a “prize fighter” whose motivations are making money for his family. If he can get amazing stuff out of John Cena, he would get something out of Reigns in front of the biggest crowd the WWE has ever seen.


Bray Wyatt:

This year’s rumble match has been the strongest Bray has looked in a few years now. So why not go all the way with it? This scenario doesn’t even have triple H in the match. Things end with all four Wyatts in the ring and have a standoff with Reigns, Ambrose, Lesnar and either Jericho or Styles. The fight starts and Styles/Jericho goes out along with Ambrose. Reigns then takes out both Rowan and Harper while Brock and Stroman have the fight and thanks to Wyatt, Lesnar goes out leaving it 2 on 1. Reigns fights valiantly but with one quick move, Bray eliminates him and Stroman at the same time. After that is months of Triple H trying to manipulate Wyatt, but Bray is just too weird for Triple H to handle. Finally, it leads to Bray V/S Reigns at Mania in No DQ with all kinds of interference.


Dean Ambrose:

The runner-up in the match and one with many twists and turns. The obvious one being he eliminates Triple H and wins the belt, with Hunter trying to get him and Roman to hate each other leading to Mania. Another scenario would be that Ambrose wins the Rumble and the title by eliminating Reigns from the match instead leading to “tension” between them, especially when Roman wins the title shot at FastLane. Yet another scenario has Ambrose JOINING Triple H as the Authority’s new gun, although that would be a rather weak idea since it was pretty much how we got Seth Rollins as champion. Anyway having Ambrose winning the title can take the road to Wrestlemania take many turns before we get to Texas.


Brock Lesnar:

This was my pick to win the Rumble and here was my reasoning and future storyline for it. Reigns would have been in the match for an hour. He gets through and Lesnar comes out at number 30 and takes out everyone in the ring except Roman. Triple H keeps telling Brock to destroy Roman and although Reigns tries his best, Lesnar gets the title. He then takes the month of February off with Reigns fighting Sheamus and gets the title spot at mania, leading to the rematch and the moment that Vince and Hunter were trying for last year (whether they succeed or not is up to the crowd).


The Undertaker:

I know, I know. This pick pretty much goes against everything I’ve been saying about what the WWE should be doing at this point, but let’s face it, The Undertaker is going to be wrestling at this year’s Mania (barring a catastrophic nightmare injury scenario). If people were cheering for Triple He when he came out, what would have it been if the Deadman was number 30 and eliminated Roman. While Taker looked terrible when he faced Brock at WM 30, he has come back and looked much better since against Brock and Bray Wyatt. It wouldn’t be the end of the streak, but in front of that many people, with the belt on the line, it would be the closest thing to it and REALLY help Roman look like the big star the WWE wants him to be.


The Rock:

Kind of a gimmie really. The Rock vs. just about anyone would sell tickets. But think about this idea for the end of the rumble. You have the last 5 men in the ring in Roman, Brock, Wyatt, Sheamus, and Triple H in the ring with number 30 left to go. Suddenly the music hits and The Rock himself comes out with Trips going bonkers. Lesnar and Wyatt are then tossed leaving the final four. Trips and Sheamus attack both men and the Rock is hit with the Baroque Kick and sent to the canvas. They turn on Roman and get him over the top rope to the apron and are fighting him before he goes to the floor. They stand and laugh at Reigns when the Rock comes up and takes out both guys to win the Rumble and the title and making the crowd shit themselves.

After that Rock keeps wanting to give his cousin an immediate title match but Trips keep denying it You then have Rock/Roman/Ambrose/Usos in a mini-feud with The League of Nations and Hunter leading into FastLane where Roman finally gets the shot. Of course, the crowd would be behind Rock at Mania, but much like Bret/Bulldog at Wembley in 1992, the crowd would be won over even when Roman wins and the WWE gets a REAL pass the torch moment for their biggest ever show.


Anyway, those are just my ideas and opinions and ultimately it doesn’t matter what I think (pun fully intended) or really what the WWE fans think, Vince does what Vince wants and especially in this era, it doesn’t matter if the fans are on board or not. Things will happen and it’s our choice whether we want to watch or not.​

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