In honor of my friends on the East Coast and because I was not around to post for Christmas, I thought I would review a holiday horror classic. It is a Christmas story like the PG movie of the same name but do not mix the two up despite them only being a year apart. I saw this in the video store as a kid. I would walk by it and watch the happy little snowman’s face on the cover turn into a skull.

Serial killer Jack Frost is on his way to his execution in a prison van. The van collides with a Genetic Research truck containing chemicals which spill out in the accident. Jack is sprayed with chemicals, burns into skeleton, and his blood turns him into snowman. The chemicals allow him to melt and refreeze so he can get into spaces. He goes on a murder spree in the small town where he was caught. Sheriff who captured him has nightmares about him coming back.

Before we get to the review, here are a few goofs that bothered me:

  • Condemned prisoners are transferred days before execution. Multiple armed officers would be riding in the back of the van with him. Jack would be strapped in with seat belts that cross over in an X formation.
  • First victim was an extremely old man with broken neck the night before. Easily could have been an accident and his body could have frozen overnight.
  • An axe handle would not sit in someone’s throat straight up if they were laying flat. It would go through the next and into the ground
  • The FBI cannot replace a sheriff. They are not the same branch of government and a sheriff is an appointed position. However, there are FBI posts all over the country and each of them could find a way to get into a snowed-in town.
  • Doors/windows may not be completely waterproof but it would take Jack hours to get himself entirely into a sealed room. Considering the town is called Snowmonton due to all the snow they get, sealing drafts would be one of their main priorities.
  • It would take a massive amount of hair dryers to put a dent in a snowman that large. It would have been easy for him to murder all of them.
  • With the excess moisture in the boiler, the steam would cause it to explode or at least ruin it.
  • The human stomach would not be able to hold all of the snow that makes up Jack as a snowman. It would burst.

Shannon Elizabeth has a small part in the movie, being the slutty small town girl. Jack Frost’s snowman design is almost as bad as the GingerDead Man’s design and the movie is just as whacky. I have to mention the creative use of a wood axe when instead of chopping a guy up, Jack shoves the handle down his throat.

Some characters have interesting personalities. The hardware store owner and the sheriff’s secretary were my favorites. Yet wouldn’t a wetvac and some jars or a good amount of cat litter have solved their problems?. There is not enough dialogue between the FBI guy and the scientist to understand their points of view which is a big part of the plot.

If you enjoy movies like GingerDead Man and Killer Klowns from Outer Space, you will like this one. As a holiday one-time watch, I would recommend it.

It is available on Hulu for free. 6/10.

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