My column deals with mostly sex, violence, and the extreme. Superhero movies rarely fit the bill but I have to comment on Deadpool, which I saw this week. Ryan Reynolds, the man who plays Deadpool, was angry at how Wolverine: Origins portrayed Deadpool. The movie was a project of love from him to show the world how Deadpool really is.

My strong religious background and limited access to comic books restricted my interests in the character as a child and teen but having read a few pages of the comic while skimming the local library, I can say that I enjoy the character. He is brutal, funny, and raunchy. Reynolds did a great job bringing him to the big screen (better than anyone else would) but the movie would not be complete without at least two sequels. We got his backstory and one storyline but we need more to solidify the character in the Marvel movie universe.

If you are not easily offended, go see it. If you are easily offended, go fuck yourself.


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