A very disturbing conversation occurred this morning as I was talking to a Facebook friend. We were talking about pushy sales people and/or charity volunteers who get in your face. This is about how the conversation went:

Her: A few of them have even grabbed my hand.

Me: If they did that to me, they would be on the ground with a broken arm or wrist. I do not tolerate people touching me for their personal gain alone.

Her: ???

Me: When someone touches you to get something out of you. It is not mutual. It is invasive and offensive. I have been touched like that throughout my life because people think it is funny to do that to me because I would not retaliate. Then I was raped and I stopped letting anyone touch me without ending up with a bloody lip.

Her: Lol, you’re lucky. Most people have trouble finding people who WANT to be intimate with them.

I stopped her right there. Did she just say I was lucky to be raped? Should I be honored that creepy guys think it is okay to touch me without my permission? Because no, I am not. Who would say such a thing? Who would THINK such a thing? How many women (or men) have been told they were lucky another human being forced themselves onto them because most people cannot even get that?

My problem is I do not assume things about people based on how they look. Then they get close to me and cop a feel, thinking this tiny polite woman is going to tell them no or accept that they are socially awkward and do not know any better. Let it slide because they have never been with a woman and never will. They get a slap in the face instead.

They are “lucky” I did not cut off their genitalia.

Random thought: There is only one reason Donald Trump flaked on criticizing the KKK. He is counting on them to vote for him due to his ideals and to scare others into doing the same.

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