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Rila and Riley deliver another glowing segment on news from the week of Feb 28 to March 5. There are some awesome trailers to chat about! Disney addresses the question on everyone’s mind after Deadpool, a semi-popular MMOJRPG has expanded its voice cast for an anime adaptation, and Nintendo dealt some delicious news in their latest Direct! (rendered in 1080p)

Rila & Riley are looking for voices! Join their casting call on Galvanic Media!


Pokemon XY & Z:
Finding Dory:

R-Rated Marvel Movies

Agents of SHIELD renewed for 4th Season

Big Hero 6 Animated Series

Star Wars Episode VII DVD Blu-Ray Release Date

Suicide Squad 2

Beat Kitano in “Ghost in the Shell”

Power Rangers Cast Photo

Onigiri has actually added to the cast since this video’s editing. Link Here!

No Man’s Sky Release Date

Mass Effect Delayed

Nintendo Direct

Thanks for watching, everyone! Stay Tooned!

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