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Man am I going to miss that show.


Hello again, gang. Sorry for missing last week. Got bogged down in all kinds of things and then just collapsed into bed before I could get something out. Life catches up with you sometimes.

Anyway, this past weekend I said goodbye to one of my favorite shows, Mythbusters. After 14 years the show wrapped up production and aired it’s last 3 episodes (The finale, a reunion special, and a “lost episode for the Science Channel). In a culmination of a season of “last evers,” the finale played homage to everything the series had done during its entire run, not just specific myths. And to say these guys went out with a bang would be an understatement.

It’s weird in a way because Mythbusters is a science show. While Adam, Jamie, Tory, Kari, and Grant (along with others who were regulars on the show like Scottie) all had their own personalities and were characters in their own right, the show was an actual “reality” show and not these horrible pre-posed and heavily edited shows that pass themselves off as reality nowadays. There were no “storylines” that played out over entire seasons, the drama that played out was resolved within the episode (or revisited down the line later), and there were no cliffhangers or badly done points to end a season on to try and get you back in 6 months (TLC, I’m looking at you!).

But damn if I wasn’t teary eyed through most of the experience.

The finale of a show like this wasn’t about wrapping up storylines or giving the story a happy ending like a traditional story-driven show. This was about looking back at all the crazy and amazing stuff they accomplished over the years and thanking us fans for watching them during this strange journey this program has taken us on.

I remember watching the first two shows back in early 2003. I had just moved into a small single person apartment that supposedly used to be the maid’s quarters in an old 1830’s era mansion (or so the story went). I was trying to find steady work and was still writing Sailor Moon fanfiction with only dreams of writing my first novel. I’m sure it was some Saturday afternoon when I was flipping the channels and saw the opening to the first episode and wondered just what the heck was going on with it. The first two episodes were The Jato assisted car and Pop Rocks and Soda and the other was the suction of an airplane toilet seat. Instantly I loved it. Not just for the messy and sometimes insane results, but also the methodology for finding those results.

I’m not a scientist, nor am I a builder like these folks are, but just watching Adam and Jamie find ways to build rigs and contraptions to show how to experiment and get results were fascinating for me. Although it was in a much different form than I am experienced in, these guys’ creativity was amazing. Sitting there watching what ended up being the first two pilot episodes (A third would air a few days later) I had no clue what the future held for this show.

So here we are 13 years later. The show went through a few cast members and a couple of format changes but it accomplished so much. President Obama appeared on the show, along with many others, they even helped people save their own lives. There were a few bumps and bruises along the way, and some really bad moments that very well could have sent the show into cancelation, but thankfully they pressed on. So have I in a way. Here I am, a little burned around the edges, but making a career out of my writing.

At least, we as fans won’t be going cold turkey. Adam still appears regularly on Tested.com and their YouTube videos, and all the old shows have moved to the Science Channel so we can still relive all the good and bad. Sure, new episodes (much like Buster) are no longer in existence, but that doesn’t mean we can go on in new ways and still keep the adventures of the MB team with us.

Thank you guys for all the fun, the science, and the journey. *salutes*


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