I liked Cloverfield. The monster was unique and they did a good job of keeping her secret until people saw the movie. There were little details that made the story exciting and the backwards message at the end of the credits hinted at a sequel. If you are going into 10 Cloverfield Lane expecting a connection to Cloverfield, you will be disappointed.

After a fight with her boyfriend, Michelle gets into a car accident. She is saved by survivalist Howard and his friend Emmett who have locked themselves in a bunker after a supposed attack. Michelle is skeptical that something has happened and Howard is off his rocker so she tries to escape.

Poor John Goodman looks like he has once again lost the battle with food. My boyfriend thought the director had asked him to gain weight for the role, but I do not see someone asking Goodman to do that due to his past nor could I see him taking the role if that were a requirement. That aside, he does a great job as Howard being creepy, scary, yet realistic. Everyone else does a good job but their roles were much easier.

This movie has little to nothing to do with the first. Trivia point to it being a completely different story sloppily sewn into the anus of Cloverfield. As a stand alone, it would have been a better movie made even better with an anticipated sequel. If they continue the story, the third movie might be worthwhile. But for this one, save yourself some money; here is the entire movie in text.

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