I have seen several documentaries on H.H. Holmes and I think Leonardo Dicaprio would play him quite well. I would go see a movie based on Holmes’ killing spree. Dr. X is based on it but I want to see a film about the actual killer and Victorian/Edwardian life around him, his murder hotel, and possibly a steampunk flair.

Historians and researchers typically believe serial killers did not come about until the late nineteenth century except for rare cases like Elizabeth Bathory. That cannot be true. The only reason we see more of it is due to the growth of cities. I am sure serial killers simply roamed or it was not recorded because there were not enough methods to detect murder.

It is amazing how many famous serial killers were never executed. I am not just talking about people sentenced to life in prison or got away from their crimes. But people who were sentenced to death and either killed themselves in jail or other inmates killed them like John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dalmer.

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