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Don’t use this morning’s attacks as an excuse for your shit.

Hey Folks. Was going to post a Wrestlemania related thing today, but with what happened this morning, I will hold off on that for a little while. This isn’t going to be long, but it something that should be said.

Once again a terrorist attack has occurred in the middle of a populated area in a European country. Once again ISIS takes the “credit” and sadly, once again, this raises a lot of anti-Islamic hate on the internet.

Congrats. Those people just fell for it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This is exactly what these pinheads want. THE WHOLE FUCKIN POINT of what ISIS does is to make people hate Muslim people so that those people will feel compelled to join their group and do more of these horrible things. And yet stupid people still for it every time.

And yet stupid people still for it every time.

Gang, the normal practitioner of the Islamic faith isn’t trying to kill you. They are not crafting bombs in their houses and stockpiling weapons to mow down large crowds of people. If you want to use this attack as an excuse to go after people who has nothing to do with the attack, then you have your own issues to deal with.

As we’ve seen in the recent arrest n the attacks in Paris last year, there are people who WERE involved in this that are still around to talk. But you know what, it isn’t your job to find them. Let governments and authorities do the search and capture but I guarantee they can do a better job than some racist asshole pointing fingers at a random Muslim dude at a grocery store and thinking they are saving the world. People will get caught, arrested, and what not. but going around blaming every person you see who is “different” isn’t going to make that happen any quicker.

So, ignore these people. Ignore people that just like to use shit like that to start hate wars and make themselves look better than they really are. They aren’t worth the time you would invest to read their crap or listen to their dribble. Just stay cool and let things play out with the people who are actually trained to handle these things.

Be cool.

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