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My predictions for Sunday’s big show!

We are 5 days away from the big event, Wrestlemania 32. This was supposed to be the WWE’s crowning achievement and legit be the biggest show of all time with a huge crowd breaking the WWE attendance record. Of course, the company was plagued with injuries to most of it’s A talent So No Cena, Orton, Sting, Rollins and strong mid card guys like Kidd, Caesaro, Neville, Harper, and maybe even no Bray Wyatt who seems to be out with a back injury of some sort. So, with whatever they have left, We are presented with Wrestlemania.

Pre-Show: Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: This one is always tough to predict. Wth so many injuries and people being put in actual matches, there isn’t a whole lot left to put into this match unless they bring in a bunch of the NXT guys. If they don’t I’m going to guess that they give it to Mark Henry. He’s big, from Texas, and from what has been said is probably retiring soon after this anyway. So they will probably give him his Mania moment before he goes away.

Pre-Show: Usos vs. Dudley Boys: This hasn’t exactly been an epic feud so hopefully they put an end to it here. I’m going to give it to the Usos and then hopefully they move each team on the something else. If they put any effort into this match, things end with Bubba being put through a table for revenge, but seeing as it’s a preshow match and a feud that hasn’t had a lot of steam, I doubt it goes that far.

Intercontinental Title Ladder Match: Kevin Owens vs. Zach Ryder vs. Sin Cara vs. Sami Zayn vs. Stardust vs. Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler: This will either be the first or second match on the actually PPV. These matches always do well to get the crowd fired up, even if most of the guys in it are just undercard guys with nothing going on. Expect a lot of daredevil high-flying spots here that will give you your Wrestlemania moment. As much as I like Sami Zayn, I’m going to give it to Dolph Ziggler. The way they’ve put a spotlight on him but in losing efforts make me believe in WWE’s backwards thinking that he gets the big one here for the title, while Zayn and Owens go off to have a singles feud.

Chris Jericho vs. A.J. Styles: I like this match and very well may be match of the night. Knowing that both guys are vets in the business, these guys will take the matches they’ve already had and ramp it up big time. This match will be close and I have a feeling it will be decided with a counter-move to a big move and a quick 3 count. I’m going to give it to Styles and give him big momentum to launch into a new feud.

New Day vs. League of Nations:  This went from a tag title match to a 4 vs. 3 handicapped match or something. Even the WWE doesn’t seem to know what the heck is going on with this match. It will probably have a New Day Promo that outshines the actual match. The New Day wins but it won’t take very long.

Lana, Summer Rae, Naomi, Tamina, Emma Vs. Brie Bella, Alicia Fox,Paige,Eva Marie,Natalya: Holy crap does this match not need to happen. This match serves only 2 purposes and that’s to get footage for that stupid Total Divas reality show and give Brie Bella a match on Mania before she “retires” or so has been reported. If it wasn’t for those reasons I’d be surprised if this match even made it to the show and wasn’t cut for time. Anyway, Brie Bella probably scores the win on Emma or Summer Rae to get her big moment and ride off into the sunset. Meanwhile, the crowd boos horribly over Eva Marie even existing.

U.S. Title: Kalisto vs. Ryback: I almost expect this match to be put n a death slot between two of the three marquee matches. Kalisto will bring the speed and Ryback will stumble around selling for a while before he runs over Kalisto with a meat hook and wins the title.

Divas Title: Charlotte V/S Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks: Unlike the pointless tag team match, this one will get focus and plenty of time. I’m not a big fan of 3-way matches, especially at Mania since they follow the same formula of 2 people in the ring, 1 person rests for a long period of time. However there have been some good ones and these three have the ability to make the match enjoyable. Charlotte as Champion has underwhelmed and I think it’s time to take the belt off her. Sasha seems like the common sense winner and new champion here while Becky gets the after Mania feud for the belt.

Street fight: Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose: I think the reaction of the show hinges on this match. If this match doesn’t get over with the Texas crowd, then the show is doomed. The build up pretty much has told the story of how this match will go with Dean throwing anything and everything at Brock, but Brock still giving the beatdown. Brock will look unbeatable but will get frustrated when Dean doesn’t give up. Finally, Brock just snaps and does something over the top and brutal before getting the pinfall. Hopefully, this will be fun and exciting because if it’s not the whole show is dead in the water.

Hell in a Cell: Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker: If Shane wins he gets Monday Night RAW and if Taker loses, he never wrestles at Wrestlemania again. Either this match will surprise the hell out of me or the reality of this match will disappoint a lot of people. You have a 50-year-old part-timer taking on a 40 something nonwrestler who hasn’t been in a ring in 8 years. The fact of the matter is that The Undertaker has great matches with great wrestlers. Shane is not a great wrestler. The Hell in a Cell won’t add anything to this match unless they are allowed to gush buckets of blood. Despite all the hype of WWE looking for another brand split with Shane winning, the WWE practically book themselves a way out just be having the Undertaker win the match. The build up for this has been terrible and made little sense, and I’m not expecting this match to salvage it.

WWE Title: Triple H vs. Roman Reigns: This match will not go how the WWE wants it. We all know this is just a set up of having Triple H “pass the torch” and put over his personal project and launch him into becoming the new big star for the company. However, the reaction to Reigns leading up to this match hasn’t been good. They don’t have Money in the Bank to save them this time so they are going to be stuck with the biggest crowd in WWE history booing your big face of the company. The Rock is advertised as being at Mania (in fact the Rock has dominated the advertising), so expect him to come out and be part of this match to back up his cousin and try desperately to give Reigns the rub as well. WWE doesn’t seem to care if the fans are on board or not so Reigns wins and the crowd boos while the WWE announcer blissfully try to cover that up.

I’ll be honest, but I don’t think this card deserves 80 something thousand people that have supposedly bought tickets to be there. Sure, injuries have hampered this show, but putting all your eggs in a bunch of part timers isn’t the way to go. I think the undercard will deliver but the big main event matches I don’t hold out hope for. Like I said, if Brock vs. Ambrose doesn’t get over, this show is doomed. So I say this show gets a passable grade with the undercard carrying the load, but the Main events won’t deliver and make this fall short of the show it should be with what kind of history they want to make.

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