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Helping out those who need it the most.

Sorry about missing last week. New jobs are keeping me very busy and ran out of time. Currently, you can see some of my work online as I am now a researcher for Channe Frederator’s 107 facts videos online. Good ahead and watch them, you will learn something.

Sadly this week we’ve seen two parts of the world hit hard by Natural disaster, Equador, and Japan. Both were hit very hard and  sadly mainly people have lost their lives. I encourage people to help out where they can, but I want to give this message. If you are looking to help Earthquake victims, send you money towards Equador. Please.

Now this isn’t anything against Japan or the people that were victims of their Earthquake. Not at all. What I am saying is that Japan, despite its economic issues, is still a very wealthy country. They are quite familiar with Earthquakes and know how to handle them and handle the aftermath. Yes, there is a lot of damage, especially since the area had a lot of old houses and temples that were damaged. But Japan will pull through. If you remember in the wake of the large Earthquake and Tsunami it got to the point where the Japanese told the world to STOP sending money since they were just fine and would be able to recover, and for a lot of areas that got hit, they did (There are still many places now vacated).

Ecuador not so much. They aren’t a third world shithole, but they are not the country that Japan is. They have bit hit much harder by their earthquakes than Japan was this week and Hundreds of people in that country were killed, and the number is not done growing. These people need the help. Send you money to a reputable charity of disaster relief o those folks and hope that they can rebuild and put their lives back together.

It’s not that the people in Japan do not need help, but they plenty of people within their own country that can and will help them. Meanwhile, those in Ecuador don’t have the safety net that countries like the US or Japan have.

And here is the thing. Money really is the best donation. Unless you are expert in disaster relief, medicine, or construction, by going there yourself you are just going to get in the way. Let the professionals handle the disaster relief. Donate money so that the reputable charities can buy relief items that they know will work best in the area. Sending items yourself may not only get lost in the shuffle but may be either useless or unwanted within the region.

So if you are urged to donate and help, spend your money of people who need it and hopefully people who know how to help people wisely. I know there are a lot of scams out there, but study up and do your research. Find companies where your money will best be used for things other than the CEO’s next yacht.

It’s only human to want to help, but it’s better to do it wisely.


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