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Why this legislation is full of shit.

So the hot button the last few weeks seems to be bathrooms. More specifically the laws passed in North Carolina and Mississippi that require that people using public restrooms and allowed to use the bathroom of their born gender on their birth certificate, not the gender they identify with. The big argument is that some doofus (likely a guy) will claim to be Gender fluid and walk into the girl’s bathroom looking to either perv out or assault someone’s daughter or whatever. I don’t actually agree with that thought and there are many reasons why.

First and foremost the ones who typically get assaulted in bathrooms of public places are transgendered people themselves. These laws aren’t enacted to protect anyone from anything. At least in the case of North Carolina, it was enacted because the Governor of the state didn’t like how some of the state’s bigger cities were “Changing Norms and Etiquette” and drew up this legislation to oppose it. Not to mention that buried in the same act is provisions to take away local cities rights to raise minimum wage and many other measures that are hidden underneath the “bathroom bill”. This bill wasn’t written with protecting anyone in mind, it was done so that the governor could take power away from his own people. A ploy to get republican attention from narrow minded people during an election year. And it backfired badly.

Despite what these people think, there are not roving gangs of perverts that are using gender identity to sneak into bathrooms to molest your daughter. Sure, someone may dig up some incident for how many years ago, but this isn’t some new terror sweeping the country. Hate to break it to you, but if some perv wants to do whatever to little girls, they will do it regardless of what gender they identify with. For these type of people, that law isn’t going to protect anyone anyway. Considering rape and molestation laws are already in affect, this law isn’t going to make things any safer.

With Target’s stance on the issue, guess what? It doesn’t change anything either. I’ve worked year in retail and have dealt with these kinds of issues. There aren’t armed guards standing at doorways and “checkers” to make sure people going into bathrooms are going into the right ones based on gender. There are no cameras (hopefully!) linked to the security office inside the bathrooms or honestly in a position to even look at the doorways in most angles. Hell when I was worked for K-mart the biggest problems in bathrooms were thefts, destruction of property and drunks. You know why? Because store employees had bigger things to deal with than being the gender police. We were more worried about kids getting kidnapped when stupid parents letting their little toddler kids run around unattended that someone using gender identity as a cover for molesting someone in the bathroom.

I think in this case, it’s more of people worrying about “Could Happens and people not actually looking at really IS happening.  I’d like to end this with a quote I made on my Facebook a few days ago.

“If you are worried about transgendered people sharing the same bathroom as you, buy Depends and keep it to yourself.”


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