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It’s just a f***ing movie!

Hello, again gang! Summer heat is setting in here at the home base so the fan is cranking and the windows are open. Hope you are keeping cool where you are.

So recently the topic came up (again) about the new Ghostbusters remake coming out mid-July. Now there was already enough chatter about the movie way back when it was announced the four leads would be all women. But now the new chatter isn’t so much the movie itself, it’s about reactions to the trailer, or more specifically one person’s reaction to the trailer. The Angry Video Game Nerd.

The Nerd posted a video not to long back, explaining how he has no desire to see the movie. He is a huge fan of the original movies, was one of the fans hoping that a third movie would come out after a multitude of delays, and had no desire to see a reboot. The point was, he refused to review the movie for his show.



Honestly, I wouldn’t have cared. I have nothing against him, but I don’t really follow his videos enough to care what he does and doesn’t want to review. It’s his show. But I kept having people on my Facebook feed talking about how horrible and sexist he is. Again, I really didn’t care. But then an article written about him started popping up about the very same subject.

This article right here.

Now my interest was perked. I watched said video and you know what? I didn’t see it. I didn’t see where so many people were calling him sexist. He doesn’t like the look of the trailer, he has no inclination to see a remake of the original when he can, you know, watch the original movie, but the way some people talk it was if he dropped the c-word every two seconds.

I had people on my Facebook tell me James is this horrible sexist person and he didn’t need to make the video and everything short of being the second gunman on the grassy knoll.  People saying (including being hinted at in the article above) that no matter what the reason he is not seeing it was because of the women leads, that him even making this video was sexist, and that he should just have shut up and not said anything at all.

It’s just a movie.

Needless to say, I disagree with that sentiment and think these people are being just as sexist as those who really are boycotting the movie JUST because of the women stars.

First, the argument that “He didn’t need to make this video”. Last I remember, he is a video reviewer. THIS IS WHAT HE DOES FOR A LIVING. He makes videos and states his opinion. He also has a massive fanbase and is known for being a huge fan of the original movies. I can only guess at how many times people probably sent him letters asking him tp review this very same movie and in one fell swoop he answered all of them. But of course in doing so, you know, what he actually makes his money doing, he is either a sexist or an “entitled fan” who is mad because instead of a third movie or a continuation of the original’s storyline, fans were given a complete reboot instead.

No fucking shit.

I love how said article not only slips in accusations of sexism but accuses him of being entitled because the studio “Didn’t play into his narrative” and shitting on him for making the video at all.

Because A.V. Club knows what’s best for James after all. Pot and Kettle anyone?

These sites also fail to mention the numerous other video reviewers who are saying the exact same thing. Both men and women have come out and said similar things that James did. that this was a needless remake, the effects didn’t look any good, and that filling the trailers with shot for shot remakes from the original movie  just made this look even more unoriginal and uninspired that people already thought it was. No not a word about any of them being entitled sexists.

Especially the women reviewers.

I get it. In this instant gratification world, people want this movie with its women leads to come out and break every box office record there is and show Hollywood and the viewing audience that a movie with women leads is awesome and that more movies will be made with women as the stars.

If you think THIS will be the movie that does all that in one go then I’m sorry for the disappointment you are going to have.

Here is the thing, and follow me on this, this movie is a reboot. Reboots don’t exactly have the best reputation with viewing audiences nowadays. A lot of them do not do very well, let alone with established fan bases. Remember what happened with Jem or The Smurfs? The only reboot series that I’ve seen this not happen to is Star Trek and maybe the Ninja Turtles. I don’t see this happening here. Those two movies at least had original stories going for them, this one doesn’t seem to have that from what the trailers are showing me.

And the other thing and a LOT of people do not want to hear this, but if you think that having the four lead characters being women was some great progressive movement or some social statement, you are really going to be disappointed.

It’s a gimmick. A gimmick to have a reason for more than one Ghostbusters team. That’s it. The whole goal of this was to give the studio it’s own movie franchise like the Marvel movies. You know, have multiple different movies that all take place in the same universe with the idea of doing big budget cross over pictures later on down the line. The difference is, Ghostbusters aren’t superheroes. They don’t have different powers or abilities. They all have the same gear and do the same thing. So what do you do when you need two different reoccurring casts that all do the same thing? Make one of them women. You can then have a men vs. women crossover down the line. It also makes for a handy hook to sell to people and movie execs as well. If you don’t believe that, the fact that the movie studio right after announcing this movie would have four women in the leads, they announced that they were making another reboot with an all-male cast show how much they give a shit about any progressive ideas.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some real sexist assholes out there. A lot of the negative reviews for this movie ARE totally sexist. But you know what? Just because of the women leads does not make it any less sexist to shame people who just don’t care to see it either. It really is just a movie, so take it off the pedestal and stop being so mad because some people see it as another soulless Hollywood remake and not some overblown symbol of social change a lot of people are making this out to be.

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