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How the hell did you think I would react to ANOTHER mass shooting?

We aren’t even a week out of not only just another shooting rampage, but now the largest one this country has ever seen. Another lunatic with another assault rifle and scores of dead people.

And we go through the same crap EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I have friends who live in the area of the club that thankful weren’t around the area, let alone inside the Pulse when that happened. It wasn’t until later in the day when they said they were fine. That was not a good time.

Now think about the family of the victims and what they’ve been going through.

This time around should be enough. If it wasn’t the massacre of people at an Office party, if it wasn’t the massacre of people going to see a movie some night, if it wasn’t the mass killing of a bunch of damn SCHOOL KIDS, than it has to be NOW.

I personally called out both my state’s senators to ask what they will actually DO. Prayer and thoughts are nice and all but I didn’t vote either of them into office to offer prayers and condolences, You were voted in to get shit done and guess what, after all these shootings, Shit ISN’T GETTING DONE. The sad thing is, they aren’t the worst. Far from it. Angus King is an Independent and Susan Collins, for the most part, doesn’t fall into the republican line as often as a lot of the others do.

Here is my message to any of you in the U.S.. Looks at those who are your senators and representatives. Are they getting their palms greased by the NRA? If they are than they don’t have your best interest in mind. They don’t care if people live or die as long as they get those nice fat contributions and keep talking about how everything else is to blame except the fact that these are carried out by people using assault weapons. Weapons that have no other purpose than committing  these attacks on innocent people. If these types are your representation to the country, vote them out. They are just letting this problem happen in the name of greed. If they aren’t, then start taking your reps accountable for why nothing has been done.

I’m not going to even bother with the presidential race because I have no faith in either of the major candidates. Hell I wouldn’t have put my name in if I did. Trump is a sexist, racist, homophobic relic of the 80’s who probably will break all kinds of records for corruption and not giving a shit about voters and Hillary pretty much had her cronies hand her the nomination on a silver platter so ethics and doing the right thing for this country isn’t the first thing on her mind.

But make no mistake. Vote in this election. Fuck Trump or Hilary. Not only are there plenty of Third party candidates out there that I’m sure everyone can find someone they like, but if things are going to change we need to start at a local level. Don’t let the two evils that get shoved in our face every moments by news media stop you from going out and getting your vote down and start making the changes that this country needs to fix this shit and make sure these kinds of numbers are never seen again.

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