This week we delve into the sordid backstory of Zack Benton, Australian merc with misplaced anger issues. Seriously. This guy is mad at the Aquans over something they had no control over. The Mosqukatara would have invaded Earth anyway. Plus the Aquans were on OUR side. Eh, it’s hard to tell someone that. Marcus’ll attempt to beat it into him next week before M’anta takes a crack at the guy. Seriously, dude. Chill out.  That bug invasion happened early in my comic’s run, by the way. I should bring the bugs back. I did redesign them. They should be showing up again sooner or later. >=)

At least Crystal and Marcus will have a proper reunion soon. That Benton guy sure can ruin a moment can’t he? I had a fun time working on that background near the end. That background is this park in the real world Townsville. There’s this epic looking mountain there that I tried to duplicate. I think I did a decent job. Gonna probably go underwater next comic. Should be fun. See ya then!

If you want to see the comics I mentioned in the comic, check out  I would link them all. But, the invasion took place over several comics.

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I am the author of the Starbolts webcomic and host of Comic Showcase.

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