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Maine really doesn’t like this guy.

Hey gang, how goes it? Been a rough one for me lately but as it goes it seems.

So lately there has been another scuttlebutt in around my home base lately, and no surprise it’s about the State of Maine’s insane governor Paul LePage. If you aren’t from the state (I suspect most of you aren’t) or haven’t read the revolving door of bad press this asshole brings to the state, Mr. LePage is a bit of a lightning rod for getting attention for all the wrong reasons. During his term and a half he has done things like tell the NAACP to kiss his butt, got in a tiff over a painting in a government building, tried to put a state beauty queen on the board of education, likened the IRS to nazis, claimed the people of the state were being raped up the ass without lube, picked a verbal fight with famed author Steven King, and threatened to without state funds to a private school because they picked one of his political opponents to head the school.

This time what has been getting attention is actually something that had popped up a number of month’s ago. A while ago in talking about the drug problem in the state, Governor LePage said that drugs were being brought into the state by thugs from New York named Shifty, Smoothie, and T-money who come into Maine, impregnate young white women  and sell drugs. REALLY popular comments, especially of the people of color in the state.

That little incident eventually died down. But, in the fine tradition of not having a filter from his brain to his mouth, he brought it up again saying that he had a mysterious 3 ring binder of all the arrest by the Maine DEA, and said that over 90 percent of the people in the binder were Black and latino men from Brooklyn, New York, and from Westbury Massachusetts for some reason.

Not surprisingly, no one has seen such a binder, and the Maine DEA refutes this and said they don’t keep track of race numbers. Now the governor is being accused of racial profiling.

Wait, folks, this gets better.

Our esteemed asshole happened to give one state representative a phone call where he went off on a cursing rant where he called the representative everything under the sun and then actually threatened the man, like “I’m going to get you!” threatening. The rep recorded the whole thing, especially since LePage dared him to, and released it to everyone in the state. Once again he backtracked, saying he was even considering resignation, but just as quickly (as in a few hours the morning of this writing) he said he wasn’t going anywhere and that those reports were false, despite the fact he was the one who said he was considering it on his own radio address.

Now not only are people demanding his resignation, a state representative suggested this asshole needs professional help.

Some of you “from away” may be asking how the hell this guy became Governor in the first place. A fair question. Back in 2010, the incumbent Governor, John Baldacci reached his term limit, so the floodgates opened for people to take his job. LePage was the city council for the city of Waterville and more known as the former head of a discount and consignment chain of stores called Marden’s. He emerged from the 7-way horse race on the idea he wasn’t a career politician and had his own way of doing things (sound familiar?). Almost immediately the people of the state knew he was a screw-up. When it came time for reelection, he squeaked by in the election without a majority because it was a 3-way race and even though most people hated his guts, they couldn’t decide who was better to replace him, so we got stuck with him again.

He is a vile, racist, mealy mouth blight on our state that in no way reflects the values of the State of Maine. He is a temperamental, whiney fat piece of shit who acts like a petulant child if he doesn’t get his way.  He has abused his position, thrown the state and its people under the bus just so he can get his way, and shown that his word isn’t worth jack shit. The best thing he can do at this point is to shut the fuck up, step down, and get the hell out of Maine because running him out with torches and pitchforks is not that hard to do with w state full of farmers.

And last but not least, as a Presidential candidate in the National election, I give a hearty Fuck You to this bloated sack of shit leaching off the voters of the State of Maine.

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