Agent Smith is his name and protecting the Starbolts is his game. Is he a friend or is he something else? Whatever the case, Crystal and Marcus are on the run and could use all the healp they can get right now. Smith is inspired in part by Agent Coulson of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Cool guy. And we’ll learn more about him in the future. Sadly, he ruined what was a good first date with Crystal and Marcus. Eh, there’ll be other dates and like the lady said: Good things come to those who wait.

I really dig the disguises I had made for the two. The hat Marcus is wearing is a Red Sox had and yes Crystal’s wearing glasses. She doesn’t really need them but they are for disguise purposes. Marcus’s parents were former Agents of S.T.A.R. so it stands to reason that they have all kinds of spy stuff. Speaking of the parents, I’m betting Mr. Johnson called Mr. Smith and had him keep an eye on the two just as they left the house. Seems like his style.

More action to come next week!

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About Cferra

I am the author of the Starbolts webcomic and host of Comic Showcase.

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