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1 year ago I made a good decision for myself.

Hey Gang! Been busy and distracted the last few weeks, but I’m still here! I am currently stuffed full of cake.

So, 1 year ago I decided to enter the Presidential race since it was my right after turning 35. Back then things weren’t looking so good as the candidate I was hoping to win was facing resistance from his own party. Yes, I am still a fan of Bernie Sanders. I think he had the right idea.

Now here we are 1 year later on my 36th birthday and I see that I made the right choice. I am not a fan of any of the top four candidates. I know now what I suspected back then and do not feel comfortable voting for any of them. I don’t think Clinton, Trump, Stein, or Johnson would make a very good president. So I have at least one good choice that I myself feel comfortable in. Me.

Am I saying I have a chance? No.

This have never been about me actually thinking I am going to win. It would be awesome, it would also be a miracle, but really declaring my intention to run for this office was a way to make sure that I had someone to choose in a terrible line up of candidates. It also helped me make the point that even if the line up for the next four years blows harder than a hurricane, you are still doing best for yourself and country by voting. It’s not about just going for the person who wins. This isn’t betting at the track. You don’t get money for picking the winner. It’s about what you believe in, even if the person you vote for isn’t in the lead. I don’t believe in any of them anymore and my vote is a vote of no confidence for what we are getting this election.

And it’s cool you feel differently than I do.

When you go to the polls in a few weeks, you can do as you want and no one should impede or press on you to do anything else. The system maybe be flawed as hell, but your right to vote as you please is not. If you like trump, that’s okay. If you like Clinton, that’s cool! Hell, a Johnson or Stein voter may be reading this too, good for you! Voting for some of the other third party runners, go right ahead! Vote for me? Swell! Thanks!

Yeah, there are some pricks out there that get way to into this and think that by harming or threatening others, they are doing a wonderful thing. You aren’t. you are disgracing yourself, your candidate, and all they stand for. Campaign all you want but there has been way to much violence and hate going on with this awful election we don’t need any more of it.

So, no matter how you feel and who gets your check next to their name, go out and get it done. Even with the candidates we have, it is still no excuse to sit on your ass.

And if you have a hard time deciding, remember to spell my name as Keith LaPointe and I am running from the state of Maine 🙂


You can see my published work HERE

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You can contact me on my Twitter HERE

and remember, I’m STILL a candidate for President of the United States in 2016!

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