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This is not how I expected my night to be. 

This is not the article I expected to be writing tonight. Never in my darkest nightmares did the idea of such a miserable, overblown, disgusting bigot be elected to run the free world. Technically the election isn’t over as I write this but the stock market has already crashed no only here but in other countries as well. I spent tonight not watching on with any sort of pride, but in consoling my friends who are now worried about what the future holds. People are now scared for their lives because of this.

Yes, I actually did enter the race and yes I did vote for myself, and you know what, I don’t regret it. NO ONE who voted for a third party or a write-in candidate should be feeling guilt, regret, or shame for voting for who they believed in, not believed would win. Despite what some of these TV talking heads say, you did what this process was meant for.

I am not writing this with some concedeship. I probably got a single vote, who the hell cares what I do? The only thing I concede is that I’m disappointed in my country.  I’m disappointed so many people really bought into the reality show bullshit and think this is the way things should go. I’ve said here time and time again that a big talking business leaders does not automatically mean they will get things done. I concede that this country isn’t nearly as forward thinking as I would have guessed, instead stuck in bigoted ways of the past.

But you know what? I still believe that their is enough of us that know what kind of threat this bigoted asshole and his followers are that we can look after each other and protect those that really need it. Trump isn’t going to “bring people together” or is looking to “heal our wounds” he’s looking out for himself. We need to band together to make sure that our friends, family, and even those we don’t know don’t get hurt. We need to protect each other and look after each other.

It looks bad, I know. It hurts, I know. But we will all get through this. The sun will be coming up in a few hours and right now the best we can do is try to make the best of the day ahead of us. Hug a loved one, play with your pets, play a video game, donate to charity, whatever it is you need to do to make your day better.

Keep yourselves safe and watch out for each other, we are going to need it.


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