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Just some random thoughts before the holiday.

So I’m sitting here at home base and it’s a few days before Thanksgiving for us in The United States. Now, I’m not one to go on a long spiel like I’m a history professor or have a masters degree in Social affairs, but I take turkey day for just that, a day to relax, enjoy some good food, and be thankful for the good things going on in my life. For those out there that know someone who may not be able to spend it with family, pull out a chair for them and let them join you for whatever you will be fixing on the table this year.

AniMaine was incredible this year. I had a lot of fun! You can check out my report of the con over at Japanator. Met some cool people, played a few rounds of Kittens in a Blender, and it was good to see my con family again.

This it’s time of year I also enjoyed the Survivor Series Sunday night. Man was that show full of surprises and unexpected moments. I also will give props to the NXT crew for an incredible  show Saturday night. NXT always delivers a good show in their Takeover specials and this one was an amazing show with a SUPER match of the year candidate with the tag title match! The main event was a great way to end that night, and aside from that really goofy “crash cage” set up in the Dusty Rhodes tag finals it was a flawless show and a great tribute to all those men and women.

Of course, Turkey day also means Black Friday. I’m not a fan of it myself, work retail during a few of them and you wouldn’t be one either. But for those of you that will be taking part in that zoo, be safe. Things like that tend to bring out the worst in people, so be careful and remember that they are just things. Nothing worth getting hurt or hurting anyone else for. For those taking part Online, be safe as well. Make sure everything you do online is safe as well. Right now I am downloading Saint’s Row 4 for the PC. Terrible game, but it’s only 4 dollars and there is a lot of modding going on for the game so what the hell, right?

The backyard has been lively with all the fat gray squirrels getting around and getting stuffed up just as the first snowfall comes down. The turkeys have also been around as well. Seems the brood is around 30 this year. That’s a lot of birds when they all get together in one place!

So, Happy Thanksgiving to those in the United States, and hope you have a good time everyone else!

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