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Time to celebrate!

Hey gang, it’s that time of year again! Time for repeats of movies long out of copyright, songs that you hear a bazillion times and then never again for another year, ugly sweaters, and pushy people telling you how to celebrate the holiday.

Screw that, Whatever holiday you celebrate, celebrate it the way you want to.  Honestly, we don’t have a lot of traditions in the family other than a get together with my sister’s family with my nephew and her husband. Exchange of gifts, a good meal or two, catch up on things, and then a LONG nap. Nothing much more than that, and that is just fine with us.

And to you, whatever you do around the holiday, no matter which one, you do you. This is supposed to be a GOOD time of year, especially after having a total crap year that we’ve had, take some time to do something good for yourself and your family. If you have little furrbabies, than spend some time with them and give them a special time of it too. Family gaatherings and big meals, or time with yourself marathonning TV or Netflix, make a day of it and don’t worry yourself about things.

This time of year brings back memories of Christmas past over the years. Me and my sister always looked forward to it as kids. There was the year my grandparents came down from2 hourss away only to have a huge snowstorm come in while they were here. The year i got my cat Mikki and all the holidays later we had with him on Christmas morning chasing wrapping paper around the floor and being just as much part of the day as we were. Of course we got older and eventually Christmas become more for my nephew than for the rest of us, but we still made it enjoyable.

Now my nephew is older, he has a car and even a girlfriend now. Sure, the holiday loses a little of the spirit, but that doesn’t mean that it is dead. Things will evolve and we will find new ways to enjoy the day. At least there won’t be another fiber optic Christmas tree again… oh man, that tree..

So, no matter what you do at this time of the year, make it special for you and those around you. This year has been crap enough without short changing yourself at the tail end of it.



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