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Things to remember with the nominee for heading the Small Business Administration 


Hey, Gang! So here we are less than a week into the new presidential administration and it is every bit as chaotic as people expected. I won’t get into the “alternative facts” bullshit or anything else. I’m here ranting about the things I know best, Linda McMahon and her appointment to head the Small Business Administration. So this morning I made a list of just some of the things to remember about dear Linda before she will probably get a role she should not be in.

1) Vince and Linda didn’t start the WWE/WWF. Vince bought out his father’s territory in 1982. for around $1 million dollars. The famed “Going national” with the territory didn’t occur until 1984 when Vince’s father was dying of cancer and couldn’t object.

2) The WWE/WWF was never a “small business”. Even during a down period when Vince bought it, it was making millions and covered all of New Englands, most of New York, Toronto, Baltimore, and Washington DC.

3) As has been said Linda likes to talk about the companies employees. However all of the wrestlers are not considered employees but Independent contractors who pay for their own travel, lodging, and ring gear. They also have no retirement, no health insurance, no security whatsoever.

4)The WWE over the years has conducted predatory practices against anyone they viewed as competition, including giving bonuses to people to join the company without notifying their current employers, threatening to sever ties with anyone who did business with competing wrestling companies (notably PPV providers), and tried to sabotage other companies by trying to convince moving companies to not deliver equipment (I.E. Rings) to their shows.

5) WWE uses terms in their contracts that will exclude individuals from making a living in their profession (Wrestling) for however long as they desire even after they no longer work for the company. These “no compete” clauses are usually 60 or 90 days but in some cases stretched for years and included litigation.

6) The WWE uses the term “sports entertainment” to describe themselves as it provided a way out of the control of local governing bodies control as well as avoiding taxes. The company also “boycotted” certain states (namely Oregon) for long periods of times because of state regulations.

7) Although she was “President” of the WWE for many years, Linda was only given the position when Vince McMahon was facing federal jail time in 1994 as he was on trial for steroid distribution in an attempt to keep the company going if Vince was incarcerated.

8) Women are the lowest paid performers on the WWE roster. The women wrestlers often make far less than a man of equal or even lower standing on WWE programming.

9) As has been reported. Linda was one of the largest private donors to the Trump campaign.

10) While the WWE claims to have a Drug and Health policy for its talent. It has been shown that the WWE will excuse those who violate these policies as it sees fit. During the 1980s and 1990s, WWE willingly allowed talent to take whatever substances they wanted (legal or otherwise) until said talent expressed interest in leaving the company or their behavior was affecting public performances.

Considering her confirmation hearing was nothing more than a friendly chit chat, she will probably get the job and then proceed to fuck it up for everyone who runs an actual small business.

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