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Oh yeah, more Trump ranting.

Hey, gang! Got a little backed up with doing my taxes and that awfulness. I was thinking of doing something about this year’s Royal Rumble event but there are more pressing matters that are unraveling right now and of course I mean the first couple of weeks in the new Trump administration.

Yeah, that phrase makes me gag a bit.

It’s only been official for about 10 days now and it seems right from the start it’s been one thing after another with something he and his administration has been doing. We knew this would happen, we feared it would happen, but gotta say I didn’t think he’d offended people so much in such a short amount of time.

He has revived the Oil Pipeline project that many people protested to the point where it wasn’t going to be approved. And police are already rounding up protesters the instant that he signed one of his executive orders. Never mind it seems he had a financial interest in the pipeline being built.

He has been fighting this war with the press so much that a whole bunch of government organizations are now barred from reporting to the press at all. Sounds like he has a narrative and truth be damned, he will make sure we all hear it. The phrase “Alternative facts” is being laughed at, but seriously. The first press meeting of his administration was to try and convince people more people were at his inauguration than there actually was. This is a real life President doing this. Not even the player from Saint’s row 4 did this, and they had stripper poles in the White house bedroom!

Rules are being bent and flat out broken to make sure that his hand picked goons get the positions he promised them, most likely in exchange for large money contributions to his campaign. Never mind his top advisor is a racist, his pick for Education thinks public school is a waste, and read my last article about what I think of Linda McMahon being in charge of the small business administration. Democrats tried to protest, but these poster children for corruption were confirmed anyway. They all now get to go before the senate. Let’s hope something is done there.

He has threatened Iran, Mexico, and even Chicago with military invasions if people don’t “cut it out”. Literally bring us to the brink of war because he wants to be a tough guy. Pissing off our biggest trade partner because he doesn’t like minorities, even though moist of his businesses are run on the backs of people from other countries. And in Chicago’s case, he will bring about a Civil war if the military invades the city like that, especially under his orders.

And let’s not forget about his ongoing story about building a giant wall on the Mexican border. He is still trying to convince people this country needs to spend 15 Billion dollars on an ineffective giant “Attack on Titan” style wall, and then has the balls to suggest putting a 20% tax on everything from Mexico to make the American people pay for it. Have fun trying that.

On top of all that, or course is the Muslim travel ban. Banning all coming from seven different countries because they are a majority Muslum based. But of course, the ban isn’t for any of the Muslim countries he has business dealings with. This has been nothing but a nightmare. People being detained at airports, people being sent back to certain death in their home countries, the acting Attorney General was fired for not wanting to follow the order, pissing off Iran EVEN MORE, and just causing a lot of general chaos. Why?

Because he is a racist and xenophobe that’s why.

BUT, as bleak as it may sound. There are things you can do to stem the tide.

Contact your local elected officials. Let them know you do not support this. If they think otherwise and want this shit to continue, vote them out. Mid-Term elections are coming up and 1/3 of Senatorial seats and ALL of the Representative seats are up for grabs. If they don’t want to work, toss them aside for someone who will.

Talk to your local ACLU. The Maine part of the organization has already started legal proceedings against this foolishness and I for one, applaud them. See what you can do for them and stand beside them if you are against what is going on.

Protest. A lot of people will say this is useless and a waste of time. I’m not so sure. Considering more women protested Trump the day after the inauguration then actually went to the inauguration, and all the airport based protests as well, it is sending a powerful message. If there is one being organized near you, jump right in and join! Hell, organize one of your own!

But most of all, be careful about what you see and read. While it now appears like Trump is misleading folks to bolster his own ego. There are those against him that will do just the same. There are a lot of truths that are not in his favor, things don’t need to be made up to make the case. Verify what you read, check things out for yourself. And don’t jump to conclusions and knee jerk. That isn’t going to help.

It’s a tough time, but everyone can get through this together.

Now, before I go. I want to give a shout out to Lauren Orsini, writer for ANN, Forbes, and her own blog Otaku Journalist for a lot of help with things this past week. She is an awesome writer so check her out on her blog and Twitter as well. Thanks, Lauren. Keep being awesome!

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