I can only deal with so much crap from Washington.

I can’t do it anymore. I just can’t keep positive when the last few weeks have shown me that things just aren’t going to work out for the best at the end.

If you’ve been following along, you know I’m no fan of trump. He is a relic from the 80s that should have stayed there. Hell, I even ran against him with filing to run in last year’s election as a write-in, of course, I had no hope of winning but I’d rather vote for myself than the choices we were given at the time. When he won the election I was surprised as was just about everyone in the country and did what I could for a lot of the people I know who were fearful of what the orange goblin would bring with him into the White House.

But deep down I always figured thing wouldn’t get that bad. That there were ways f keeping things from getting out of control. Be in the courts, actual established laws, politics from the other side of the aisle, or even the supreme court.

I guess I was wrong. Things HAVE gotten out of control on a daily basis either directly from the racist shitface, or something illegal one of his lackeys did. It’s a constant stream of an overblown petulant child who craves attention and gets mad when he gets called out on all the stupid shit he does. The cabinet is filled with useless shitheads who got those roles as gifts for donating a whole lot of money, and even when it came to confirm them in the senate, everyone just rolled over and let them get the jobs EVERYONE knew they were not qualified for.

We now have racist policies being proposed or already confirmed, we are rolling back regulations so that people can get away with murder now as long as you are rich, we have a shithead sitting in the oval office who treats the people of this country with disrespect and hate, and a bunch of Nazi motherfuckers that swear by his every word.

Things are THAT bad.

So, I give up. I have no faith in our government or our country right now. Healthcare? Already fucking it up, Taxes? I’m not rich so I don’t expect any kind of relief especially when we have to pay millions every DAY because even Trump’s bitch wife doesn’t even want to spend time with him. We already know the school systems are fucked with who they have run it and don’t even get me started (again) on the Small Business Administration. There’s nothing I can do about it because even though both the senators of Maine largely opposed a lot of this shit, their voices are just stomped down and nothing happens.

Congratulations you spray tanned pile of shit. I no longer care.

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