The good stuff to calm your mind the fuck down.

These days haven’t been kind to me really. To say I’ve been in the greatest of moods in the last few months would be a lie. But I’m not here to bitch. This is about the times where I need to chill the fuck out and calm my head. Preferably before going to sleep and actually try to get 8 hours of sleep. In a row, seriously that had become increasingly harder to do nowadays.

One thing I use a lot is watching specific things on YouTube to get my mind in more of a zen mode so that getting to sleep is actually accomplished instead of letting my mind overthink itself all night. Getting to that state of heavy eyes and yawns is sometimes needed or else I’d be up all night and going until I drop. That is not healthy, and something I can’t really excuse since I work for myself as a writer and not like I’m facing a bunch of deadlines or anything pressing at the moment (that is part of the problems in the first place).

So with that in mind, and no pun intended, here are a few things I find I YouTube that help calm down the active brain and hopefully lead to getting some much-needed sleep.

Meditation sounds

Yeah, a bit of a cheat since this stuff is made for the exact reason on this list. But this stuff is easy to find on the ‘Tube. you can go with music or with “earth sounds” or whatever. This stuff does pretty much what it is for and will either have you experiencing visions or you’ll be out in no time. This is a good start to get you going (or not going in this case)

Japanese Tea ceremony

These videos were a discovery of mine years ago when I wanted to know more about these Tea Ceremonies that I hear about (Thanks, anime!). Go with something that had explanations and narration if you want to learn something, but seriously, if you need to relax, watch the videos with no sound or narration, just watching these people go through with the procedure of preparing a cup of Japanese tea. No move is wasted and everything is deliberate, From preparation of the cups all the way to refilling the hot water when you are done. Watching this process s a great way to relax the mind and body. My favorites are these two videos. Both with no music of narrations just sounds of nature and of the process itself.

Bob Ross

Old schoolers who grew up on public broadcasting know what I’m talking about when mentioning the zen of Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting. The master of the “Tiny little trees” and “happy little accidents” was like a free therapist where you didn’t have to actually talk about your problems, you just let Bob go and you felt so zen you practically would melt in your seat. Sure, Bob may not be with us anymore, and the show has long been off the air, but episodes still live on in the magical world of YouTube (and other places as well). I don’t know how many people actually learned to paint from the series but everyone who watched remembers that Bob’s voice to ease your mind. Seriously, after an episode of two. You WILL be relaxed.

James May: The Reassembler.

This one took me by surprise. James May is usually found screaming at Richard Hammond or Jeremy Clarkson but on his own is actually a very smart and entertaining guy. Here, though, it is just him in a small shed with a bunch of parts putting things together. No loud music, not screaming, just James may, putting things back together and sharing his wisdom. The show only had like 6 episodes, but all of them are online and after watching, he puts your mind at ease. The low-key nature of the show, one that even he didn’t think would work, makes a calm yet learning environment. Be it putting back together a lawn mower, a telephone, or a train set. If you are up late and need to cool down your thoughts, look these up and hopefully you get the same effect that I do of inner peace.


Yup. The big ol’ internet cat. He (and his sister Hana) makes not only for internet cuteness but with the calm presentation of the big guy, it can calm your frayed nerves just as easy. Watching him getting into a box, trying to use a swing, or even him riding a sled in the snow, it all makes for a peaceful time as the big kitty works his magic. Some of his videos are more calming than others, but the adventures of these two kitties make for a more even mind and give you a smile.

International Space Station live feed.

Yeah, this exists. A live camera view from the International Space Station as it whips around the planet Earth. The Calming low-key piano music helps add something to this already amazing view as you watch not only the planet go by, but you can even chart what you are actually looking at.

Whatever brings your racing mind back down to a crawl, my peace be with you in these trying times.

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