An odds and ends type post.

Well, Depression has been kicking my ass. Lots of things going on and a good chunk of it isn’t going my way. I don’t think I’ll ever be “cured” of it and hell, I can’t even afford to get diagnosed or even treated properly, so I just have to take it as it comes along. Good or bad. It’s a real thing and can be debilitating sometimes.

A bright spot was that I was able to take it Wrestlemania. While the show was LONG (including preshow over 7 hours), it was generally a good show. A few bits here and there just didn’t do anything for me, but overall it was a better show than I expected going in and was a MUCH better show than the Manias of the last 2 years. I’d give it a solid “very good” score. And although I’m not as broken up as say when Ric Flair retired, it was sad to see The Undertaker wrestle his last go around. I remember him back in WCCW and USWA so It’s been a long time and career for him. Thank you for everything Taker.

I released a new kRaven superhero short story. kRaveings: Bad Blood. Wrapped up the Missy Horgenstern storyline finally and it was something to work on, even if I’m not making bank off of it. You can order it from places like Amazon and so forth. (click the picture). It’s only 99 cents, so give it a go.

Not much else really and I fight the battle and try to turn things more in my favor. It’s not easy and I can’t say some really dark emotions and thought hasn’t entered my mind. It is what it is and I have to deal with it. So, so long for now.

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