All the talent moves from the past week.Hey Folks. So as I write this, the WWE Superstar shakeup has just concluded and holy crap was it entirely underwhelming. As usual, the WWE promises way more than they delivered. Both RAW and Smackdown were boring with lackluster matches, trade announcements that came out of nowhere and made little sense and made the annual trade of talent seem more like the afterthought supplementary draft. Major step down from the post-Wrestlemania action from last week. But whether good or bad there is a lot of talent movement in the last week so let’s take a look.

Superstar Shakeup

RAW Gets:

Apollo Crews: While it may not seem like much at first, this is one of those trades that was needed. This guy needs a restart BADLY and this is a perfect opportunity for it.

The Miz/Maryse: I don’t get this one. What is the Miz going to bring to the table that isn’t already done by others? I don’t get it. Especially when he loses on his first night.

Dean Ambrose: I think the title was traded more than Ambrose was. You got all three of the Shield on the same show like that angle wasn’t played out already. Ambrose is alright, but I just don’t see this working out as well as the WWE expects it too.

Curt Hawkins: I’m surprised he still works there. He gets dropped in his debut appearance so another guy who needs a restart, problem is he won’t get it. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel fill the same role so why bother with this guy?

Bray Wyatt:  Poor Bray. I don’t think the WWE did him any favors here. He wins the Title, never has a chance to defend it on TV, loses it in one of the lowlights of Wrestlemania, and now gets traded to the brand with the part time champion so Bray isn’t going to see a world title again for a while. Total step down for him on this one.

Kalisto: Makes sense since the Cruiserweights are on RAW. He’s not Rey Mysterio and it sounds like the WWE figured it out.

Rhyno/Heath Slater: The Smackdown tag scene needed an overhaul. It will be interesting to see if they do anything with these two or if they just become the jobber team for RAW.

Alexa Bliss: Good choice here. Bliss makes a good top heel for the women, and a possible tandem with Nia Jax works perfectly for her. Expect big things here.

Mickie James: Hmm, well the women’s division on RAW needed a major overhaul and James has the talent to make good matches. Not that she’s terrible, but it’s just a meh from me though. I can be surprised though and this may work out after all.

David Otunga: Why is this guy still employed? He’s a terrible wrestler, terrible actor, a terrible broadcaster, and squabbling with Cory Graves and Michael Cole isn’t going to make him any better.  Dud of the week.

Smackdown gets:

Byron Saxton: I would have said this was pointless, but Saxton did really well on Smackdown and didn’t get the crap from the other broadcasters. Now if only they get rid of JBL entirely.

Kevin Owens: Again, they just drafted the belt and whoever held it, and even explained it as such with the Jericho match coming up. Easily the biggest name that was traded this week. Even without the title, Owens can be a headliner tomorrow.

Sami Zayn: A mixed bag here. I would have said a trade was good for him, but then Owens got drafted. These guys need to stay away from each other but the WWE doesn’t want to do that and keeps putting them back together. Don’t know if he is going to improve here or not with Owens on Smackdown as well.

The Shining Stars: Honestly this could have been switching one jobber team for another, but the WWE had them debut on the shown in better fashion so they are at least trying. Hopefully, this means no more hotel time share bullshit.

Jinder Mahal: He got beat up by Gronk again. Wash out on day one.

Charlotte: Everyone saw this coming when she lost on Monday. However, she has the ability to have good matches and be a lead heel.

Sin Cara: I’d be surprised if they let him keep his job for very long let alone do anything with this guy. Again, he’s not Rey Mysterio and never will be.

Rusev/Lana: Give him some time to heal the shoulder and he could be a big player for the show. He has done well on RAW so a new brand and new people to fight might work out well for him.

The New Day: Well, I said the tag division needed an overhaul and this would be the ones to do it. Fresh opponents and things to do are just what the doctor ordered for this team, even with Kofi out for a while with injury.

And that was just the draft trades. We also had some returning names this past week.


Finn Balor (RAW): His return to RAW was much needed and asked for. With Brock not being around, and Roman being booed more than ever, RAW needed a real top face and Finn fits the bill. although there are some reports of him getting his bell rung on Monday, Finn should be back and in the main event picture, especially without a defending champion around.

Tamina (Smackdown): This is an interesting one. Sure was out with an injury, but then her father Jimmy Snuka died. He’s a mixed bag too with fans so She’s going to be interesting on Smackdown. Maybe an alliance with Charlotte? She can work both as a heel or face, but she is much better as a heel. Time will tell on this one.

Eric Rowan (Smackdown): He jobbed out in his first night, then Bray got sent to RAW. It will be interesting if he teams back up with Luke Harper or what becomes of him now. On his own, it really doesn’t work out well for him.

Emma (RAW): After all the wait and crap, she finally returns. Barring another injury, she could become a big player for RAW and maybe make up what Alexa Bliss lacks. She is the one to watch.

The Hardys (RAW): Welp, they aren’t “broken” anymore but they are over for the time being before the WWE runs it into the ground. Big cheers for them at Mania

And finally…

The Call Ups:

Shinsuke Nakamura (Smackdown): We’ve been waiting for it and now it finally happens! He is a game changer and hopefully, the blue brand writers will figure that out. This guy should be WWE champion someday, but he’s gotta beat people up first. give it time.

The Revival (RAW): The RAW tag scene needed some shaking up and these are the guys to do it. I see the belts on these guys in no time at all.

Tye Dillinger (Smackdown): While maybe not an immediate title contender, he is mega over with the fans so let’s hope he can get something out of it and not squashed into the ground like Zach Ryder was.

Elias Sampson (RAW): This is a bit of an oddball. He wasn’t a top guy for NXT and really wasn’t over THAT much. Seems they are taking it slow with this one and I agree. I don’t see this guy getting a big deal or anything in the foreseeable future.

Well, the just about covers it with all the talent changes in the last week. Time will tell who makes the bigger impact in the next year, or even who still has a job!

Later folks!


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