The evil this world can bring.


Hey, Gang. I was going to write something about the increasingly bad situation around Donald Trump and all his cronies, or about the really bad WWE show Sunday night, but as has happened in the past, live just gets in the way.

As many of you have seen on the news, someone decided to set off a nail filled suicide bomb off in the main entrance way of the Manchester Arena in England. Not many of you need to be told just horrible this is. This wasn’t a political rally or some bullshit “free speech” rally. It was an Arianna Grande concert. These weren’t soldiers, hate mongers, and even politically inclined. The audience was a bunch of tweens and little girls.

I won’t repeat the name of the acidic bastard who did this. The police know and the investigation is well underway. While the asshole is dead, anyone who might have known this was going to happen is going to be locked away for a long time.

But out of all this, I’m seeing a lot more. The Muslim cab drivers who spent all night working for nothing to make sure these scared and frightened people get home. The people who sheltered complete strangers in nearby homes so that these people could contact relatives and let people know where they were. The hospitals working their damndest to save lives. THOSE are the people that need to be looked at and treated with respect. I’m also seeing a community as a whole come together. Manchester and the area where this evil asshole is known for its Muslim population, but many of that city are coming together to help, not to support what this evil asshole did.

Another person that should be given some thought is Grande herself/ Yeah I get it, she’s not everyone’s favorite. That isn’t the point. She is a young singer that saw this happen and for the rest of her life will blame herself for what happened. Right now she doesn’t need jokes, scorn, or mockery. She is just as affected as anyone else.

This is just a bad situation all around. Don’t blame a religion or use this to spread hate speech. Love your friends and relatives. Comfort those who need it.

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