WWE seems to forget what the E stands for.

Hi Gang. Had to deal with some stuff the last few weeks, but thankfully it is hopefully settled. Other than that the depression has passed for the time being so life is good for the first time in a while.

I’ll start this by saying I’ve been a pro wrestling fan since 1988. Spotty at first, but by early 1989 I was hardcore and hooked. I’ve watched wrestling and the WWE ever since then. Hulkamania, The New Generation, Ruthless Aggression, seen it all. I’ve been to the live events. I was there when Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels had the very first WWF ladder match, Watched Hart and Yokozuna inside a cage, witnessed the last WWE show before the latest brand split, been on camera sitting in the front row, even attended the one and only live RAW from Maine back in December of 1997. I cheered, booed, and even cried. I have a very large DVD collection and most of it is WWE events.

But holy shit this stuff is getting harder and harder to watch.

Now, I’m not saying this about Pro Wrestling as a whole. I get it, it’s not for everyone, but it is for me. I still very much enjoy WCPW from England, NJPW from Japan, Lucha Underground and Ring of Honor. I have given up on TNA/Impact Wrestling. After Jeff Jarrett came back to the show is just unwatchable. But the difference here is that Impact has never really been run well and having a change in booking philosophy and how awful the shows are, I gave that up. But with the WWE, it is still the same guy since 1982.

The WWE the last few years have desperately tried to come up with a name for this era we are in. The Post-Attitude Ers, The New Era, The Reality Era, and so forth. But I think of it now as The Network era. And not for good reasons.

Any WWE/Wrestling fan will tell you that Vince McMhon’s attention nowadays is the WWE Network. Ads for it air all the time, Vince mentions it every time they do a conference call with their stock investors, they even sacrificed traditional PPV income just for the sake of the WWE Network. And for the most part, the WWE Network has been a success. Some adjustments in the pricing have had to be made, but the Network itself is a really good thing, especially for an old school wrestling fan like me.

But the rest of the company is burning around it.

Again, any WWE fan could tell you the product is an absolute mess. The TV ratings are in the toilet, the live events aren’t selling out, the people topping the cards aren’t over with their own fans, the big shows are routinely outdone by their developmental brand, NXT, it’s really bad.

After watching another PPV that just made me feel “I wouldn’t have paid 60 bucks on this garbage” it just feels like the WWE isn’t putting any effort into it anymore because they don’t feel like they need too. They practically give away their PPV shows now and the writers are pretty much allowed to put on segments that in a different era wouldn’t have been allowed. Of course, everything runs on the whims of a 71-year-old billionaire who has been known to be completely out of touch. This guy has final say over 30 something “writers” (I am a writer…these guys are goofs) who seemed more into entertaining him and themselves over working on entertaining any fans.

As a fan, it can be frustrating. You know the WWE doesn’t have you in mind. It has Vince. It doesn’t care if you watch the show or not. It will produce whatever it wants because it doesn’t have any competition from WCW or anyone else right now. Or so they think. People are still changing the channel to other wrestling and other things, but not to a single alternative. If you aren’t trying to keep your fans entertained, they aren’t going to watch.

And that is my choice. After all these years, I do not owe the WWE a single thing. They don’t owe me anything either. If this is what they choose to do for the time being, then I am not obligated to stay.

So maybe it is time to take a break. Focus more on the stuff I do enjoy because no matter what I do, they aren’t going to change.

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