CJ Henderson was an incredible man.

Hi Gang. Kind of a short one this week, as this was something I posted on Facebook last night (July 4th) and figured it should be posted here as well.

It’s been a nice four days by myself. Peace and quiet, able to cook stuff for myself (shotgun stroganoff being a highlight) but as the 4rth comes to a close there is something that I always remember.

It was about this time of night 3 years ago when I had to say goodbye to my mentor and friend CJ Henderson. He had been very sick and he was finally without pain. But more than that, he was my biggest supporter when I decided to pursue writing as a profession and take this crazy idea I had and put it in the form of a novel I’d probably sell as an Ebook. I was afraid he wouldn’t have any thought of me since I had been a fan fiction writer before that, but he told me about the first stuff he wrote was based in the Marvel Universe. He would give me tips and pointers as my journey was starting. I remember buying a bunch of his books at one convention from him and was surprised when I wasn’t going to haggle on price, telling him I wanted to support him. I would tell him my crazy ideas after reading his books and thinking what I would do with the side characters. Beyond his writing, or mine, he was the one who told me Batman Returns was a must see, and he was right. He told a group of us at a late night panel about his recipe for scallops. And after I ran my first writing panel, he said that we should do a writing panel together. We never got to do that, but every time I did one of my panels, I always had that picture of sitting at that table next to me.

So while today is about celebrating our country and all that comes with it, Tonight, waiting for the proof print of my third book to arrive, I’m thinking about a special part of my life and all that it has done for me, despite how much I may get down on myself.

Thank you forever, CJ. Hopefully, whatever dimension you are in, you’ve defeated the bad guys and are enjoying a stiff drink.

You can find my written work here.

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