It’s a woman, get over it.

Hey, Gang. It’s hot as hell here as I am camped in my bedroom with the AC going. Hope you all are keeping cool.

So the big announcement out of England is that the next person to play the famed Dr. Who has been announced. The regenerating time lord will take another new form as Peter Capaldi is leaving the series, partly because of the head writer also leaving, and the unofficial tradition of actors not sticking around after 3 years because of contract and tradition of William Hartnell. Sci-Fi fans get themselves all up in a tizzy about who will be the next one to play the famed Doctor so much that even though I’m not a huge fan of the series, I remember these announcements the last number of years. And this year had an added bonus for who the new lead in the series is.

It is Jodie Whittaker. It is a woman.

As you can expect from something this new, a bunch of the fanboys are all up in arms. People are bitching that the Doctor can’t be a woman, that it screws up the dynamic, that the love interest with a companion will be all wrong, that she will fly around in the tardis looking for bras and tampons, and all kinds of crap.

For the love of the gods will you all shut the fuck up.

Now, up front, I will say this. I’m not a big Whovian. I watched mostly Capaldi’s stuff and it was okay. It’s not a series that lights any fires inside me. I’m not a teaaboo and don’t follow British programming that extensively. Grand Tour is about the only modern British show I follow that isn’t wrestling. I have not seen anything Jodie Whittaker has been in and honestly couldn’t tell you who she is other than being the new Doctor Who.

But I can tell you this. Colin Baker’s old quote about “Change my dear, and not a moment too soon.” has never been more accurate. This show has been around since 1963 with pretty much the same dynamic it has always had. It was put on hiatus, canceled, had a failed restart in America, and then brought back again. The male doctor runs around with a romanticly ambiguous relationship with a young companion that never pays off in the end since Doctors change, co stars leave, and writers never really go all the way with the dynamic even if they have to jump dimensions and make things “not happen” to keep it that way. Sure there have been some male companions over the years, but they have been third wheels a lot of the time, especially in the modern version of the show.

Time to shake that up.

Even some of the more hardened Whovians I know say that the writing of the show isn’t as good as it used to be. With a new doctor and a new head writer, it’s time to do new things and write new stories, not try and relive the glory days of a generation or two ago. Sure, having callbacks to Tom Baker and the original Doctor is great, but if this story is going to grow, it has to freshen up and keep doing new things over the years. As a longtime wrestling fan, I know about evolving a character. If characters don’t evolve, they get stale and often times go away. Same with fiction, if you want the character to stay around, you have to evolve it. If they were still doing blustery old men all these years the show would have wilted away a long time ago.

Another good reason? Why not? I’m sure the women and little girl Whovians over the generations are kinda sick of lovestruck companions and throw away characters that end up getting killed for random reasons after only a couple of episodes. This whole BS about not being “My Doctor” is a load of crap. This isn’t the American government, you didn’t vote for a Doctor. You don’t own anything of it. BBC does. They make the decisions, not yours. If you are so offended that the new Dr. Who is a woman, just change the channel and go get on with your life. I have a feeling the ratings aren’t going to plummet because of this.

Now, I’m not saying making the lead a woman is going to be a boon to the series either. It could, but we will see. Honestly, the first season with the new doctor and writer is going to awkward. It always is no matters who ends up with the role. Despite being the same “person” the character always has new quirks after a regeneration and man or woman this will be no different. Also, the truth is most Doctors don’t last more than 3 years or so. Sure, some of the really good ones last a long time, but that has as much to do with compelling writing and characters as much as who is portraying them. Jodie could be a flop or be a hit and everything in between. I wouldn’t write her off just on the announcement alone.

But in the end, it is a TV show. It may mean a lot to you and be a big part of your life, but it is just a TV show.

So relax. ALL of you. See what comes out of it before rushing to any kind of judgment, good or bad. Live will be better that way. Let the writers worry about the timey-wimey stuff.


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