Better than dealing with government chaos.

Hey Gang. How’s the summer been treating you? Honestly I was going to rant about Trump this week, but I’m really burned out on that whole thing. Besides, Tamara Chambers  did a better job than I would:


This week I thought I’d feature something more digestible and show off my creative efforts in the Fallout 4 game.

I know, the game is well over a year old, but I’ve been getting back into it after a creative break. The last month or so I’ve been doing some big building projects and redoing things I did in the game a long time ago. All with the same character. It’s rather funny that a post-apocalyptic first person shooter game turned into a property flipping video game, but I’m still having fun!

The first thing I did when getting back into Fallout 4 was to mess around with the parts of the game I didn’t bother with before. I didn’t do a lot of construction with the Far Harbor DLC, so it was a good time to go back and have some fun.


Once those were finished I decided to pick another location and remake it, so I picked the Red Rocket Truck Stop close to my home base in the game. I had done a little bit before, but with what I know now along with new mods, I had to give it another go. It was a BIG project, and having my recording program crapping out didn’t help, but I got it done!


After literally spending a day’s worth of game hours over a couple of weeks putting that together, I decided to focus on my home base settlement. I affectionately call it “Misty Cove” after my created character in the game, and it has turned into a BIG town. Some of the things needed updates though, so that’s what I did!


But the part I was looking for the most was something different. It wasn’t until recently I found a game mod that could make it happen. I’ve been using dear Misty since day one of me playing this game and I finally got to do something fun and positive. Since Piper the reporter is my favorite of the game’s companions, I did the best thing I could do for them.


Sometimes i get a little too into the characters i make, but you know what? I don’t care. Playing this game with a character I helped make, and I make up the back-story for, I’m allowed to get into it. It is what helps make this game so much fun, even long after it’s release date.

So, step back from all the chaos of this country falling apart, and be creative and have some fun! Create something, no matter what medium you use!

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