Give a little to help these folks out.

Welp Gang, I was all set to write something this week based on what happened at the Mexican Triplemania event, but with things going on, that’s really not important right now.

Hurricane Harvey has done a lot of damage to the Houston Texas area, and the water hasn’t even receded yet to know this is going to be bad news for all those who got affected. There have been 5 reported dead, but there will most likely be more, let alone all the damage that has been done. the story is now going to hit Texas AGAIN as a tropical storm then is expected to hit Louisiana, although at lesser force than when it first struck.

The people in the area are mostly reacting well with not only the police, but the military, and even news and media reporters getting in on helping people and even animals get the heck out of the area. The footage of police herding cattle out of the way of the water shows that even the animals of the area needed a little help and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

If it wasn’t for people like them, this could have gotten a whole lot worse.

The time to start helping from elsewhere is now. Find a legit and reputable place to donate money. That is what is needed the most. There is going to be a lot of damage and lot of houses that will need to be fixed and rebuilt. But that comes later. Don’t arrive there now, that just means someone will have to rescue you now too.

Give what you can and we can all help these people out. See you all next time.


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