What did I think of the Women’s tournament?

Hey Gang. A little late on this one. Things got a little crazy for me, but I’ll be okay. But with this delay, it gives me a chance to write about the WWE’s Mae Young Classic Tournament that concluded on Tuesday Night.

To be blunt the tournament wasn’t given the attention or the showcase that the CWC and the UK Tournaments were given. 205 Live’s failure as a show has been a big part in making this kind of thing harder to sell to the WWE Network since the Cruiserweight show has gotten incredibly stale and the weekly ratings for the show are not much to crow about anymore. Thusly, these shows were dumped on the Network like a canceled show being dumped on a website to run through the episodes before we never see it again.

But it’s not been a total loss. The matches were really good and outside of a few that appeared not to be ready for this platform, most of the women put on a hell of a run.

So what can we get out of this? Well, there isn’t going to be a women’s exclusive show like the CWC competitors got, or was promised to the UK competitors but have yet to receive. These women have a chance to get spread around RAW, Smackdown, or NXT.

So the case is more who we get out of this tournament, to be more accurate.

Now, some of the competitors are already signed with the WWE either through the tournament or were already part of NXT. I don’t have a complete list, but as with this article, I can certainly pick my own. So, out of the 32 women who were part of this tournament here are my 10 picks of who I’d like to see in any of WWE’s brands.

Jazzy Gabert: This woman looks like she was made to be a heel women’s wrestler. She’s big, powerful, German, and has a unique look. She knows how to use it too. She would make a great heel against anyone you put her against and will give you good matches to do it in.

Rachel Evers: Paul Ellering’s daughter. While she may need a slight tweak in her look, as right now she just looks like someone’s athletic sister, she has the ability and does really well in the ring. Not the most colorful personality right now, but give her some character development above just being Paul Ellering’s daughter and she also could be a star.

Princesa Sugehit: Going into this tournament I had no idea who she was, but I liked her action. Having a masked Luchadora would be something new for the WWE and I’m sure they’d want to change her name but beyond that, they could get something really interesting from this one.

Kay Lee Ray: Even though she lost in the first round, I’ve seen what she can do as the WCPW woman’s champion. Maybe not the strongest character, but a damn good wrestler that could get better with some coaching.

Candice LeRae: Jonny Gargano’s wife impressed me a lot in what we saw out of her. She already seems ready to be on the main roster. If the WWE passes on her they are making a big mistake.

Sarah Logan: Since she is already with NXT we will see more of her, but she has a great character of the backwoods girl who grew up on a farm that is was more authentic than the WWE usually does. While in the main roster she will be turned into a cartoon, in NXT she is charming in the way she is presented.

Mia Yim: I was surprised with this one. Yes, she has experience in ROH and TNA, but she looked even better here than either of those runs. I’m not sure the “Domestic violence victim” is enough to base her entire persona on, but it can be a starting point. She is great in the ring so I think she could be ready for the main roster right out of the gate.

Dakota Kai: Have to admit. She’s my favorite of the group. She is athletic, knows what she is doing in the ring, and has that “girl next door” charm, but not pushed in an awkward way like Bailey has become. If she was let to be herself, I think she’d get WAY over with the fans.

Serena Deeb: She’s been around the horn, but the only thing Serena seems to have lost was those fake implants. She still has the talent and her veteran skills could be a big help to the current division.

Piper Niven: Another one I saw from WCPW and one I think could work out if she isn’t forced into a “big girl heel” persona the WWE would inevitably put on her. But either heel or face she can move and have good matches, even at her size. I’d love to see her in any of the brands, especially if she was portrayed as something other than a big growling generic heel womens wrestler.

So there is my list. Some are already signed I’m sure, and some hopefully get signed soon. Even if the shows were rushed out the door and blazed through, this tournament should act as a good thing for women’s wrestling in the WWE, so hopefully, the company takes full advantage of it.

And before I go, I’m sure most of you out there have seen what has been going on with Hurricane Irma. Again, I implore you to donate to a reputable charity and help out anyone you can in this disaster. Whole islands in the Caribbean are disaster areas and the mainland in Florida is a mess. Do what you can to help out because those folks are going to need it.

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