Oh wow have I been out of it!

Hi Gang!

I have actually been really sick lately (and still am loopy as hell) with some kind of head ailment so that is why you haven’t heard from me in a little bit and why this is a little short this week. I’m not super sick, but my head has been kind of loopy for a bit so remembering to update you all has been a hard task.

First and foremost on my schedule is I will be at the AniMaine convention again this year running a Damn Write! panel that is currently scheduled for Saturday evening. I will be talking about ways to make money for yourself as a writer. Might not make you a millionaire, but I can tell you ways to make money writing, even if it is on the side.

The convention may be small, but we always have a good time and a lot of fun. We will have industry guests to answer questions and have fun, we will have stuff to buy, places where you can sell things, ritual destruction of bootleg merchandise, and a whole lot of anime!

The convention is at the Best Western Merry Manor Inn in South Portland Maine this weekend between November 10 through 12 and I will be there all weekend working as press! Check it out on their site: http://www.animaine.org/

So if any of you are in the New England area and have time to kill this weekend, come on by and check it out! For those that can not make it, I will give a report (with pictures!) of it right here on Damn Write!

And everyone, be safe out there.

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You can read my fiction work HERE

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