Closing out another great year!

AniMaine Day 3: Sunday, November 12th

Sunday morning was another one of those mornings where you need caffeine and food in your system. The day started off with some packing and getting things together so that we can beat the check out time of the hotel. Once we got everything packed and all the trash and empties disposed of, we headed down for more Buffet breakfast! More juice, meat, muffins, eggs, all the goodies!

Nothing was catching our particular eye that early with Cosplay Deathmatch in one room and some cosplay panels in the other so we spent some time in the game room. The first panel we attended that day was the Hayao Miyazaki panel hosted by guest Charles Dunbar, a former College teacher who’s panel on Miyazaki’s life and frame of mind was full of passion and he knew what he was talking about. Props to him, especially to have that kind of energy on a Sunday afternoon at the convention.

We then went off downstairs for another panel with Bowling and Inman having lots more stories and fun. More talk of cow and shrimp jokes, now imagine that going through an airport!

They had to leave early to catch their flight back to Texas so it was back to the game room where we plunked down in front of a mini NES and a mini SNES. I got to play a round of Tetris, and he got to play a run through Killer Instinct. Just like the old days. A little buzzing around the hallways and talking with people while we were killing time.

The con finished off with the closing ceremonies with Chris and Greg saying a few words and thanks. With a number of the guests already left, there was not much to report or talk about from them. We decided to skip the con feedback panel this year and said our goodbyes before heading out for the last time. We stopped and got some good food at a local buffet and then took the drive home before stopping and getting some stuff that the local Wal-mart before being dropped off and officially ending my convention experience.


Once again Animaine was an incredible experience. Things were very easygoing and seeing all my convention friends is always a highlight, and I’ve made some more! AniMaine is full of friendly faces and fun times more than anything else. You need help, someone will help you. You need a friend, you will find one. You want to be crazy? Join the club and let out that wild energy. You are amongst Friends, and you are amongst Family with AniMaine. Sure, the big shows like Otakon and that like may get more people and more headlines, but AniMaine and small cons like this are what it is really about. Getting together with like-minded people and being together with a group that supports each other and has fun. AniMaine gets is right and keeps it fun.

Cheers for another great year Gang!

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