Here we go again.


Another big company that helps people make money go into business for themselves decided they needed to make changed and the negative effects be damned.

Here is the thing. I never liked Patreon. I tried to start one for myself and just could not make it work. The ones I saw that did were either huge youtube stars or were adult cosplay models. Yeah, no one was throwing any money or supporting me so that idea went out the window. I don’t use it and don’t make money enough on my own to support anyone else financially on a monthly basis.

But I know a lot of people do and I’m not against them. It sucks that this service had now jacked up their rates and causing some people to flee. Here is the deal though. For all the complaints they are getting from content creators and people who make their living on Patreon account? The company does not give a shit and probably never will. It is all about how much money they make and their bottom dollar. The same thing that happened to Youtube and other web-based services. If Patreon makes money hand over fist after doing this, they have been proven right. If they losing money on this deal, they will do like a lot of other companies do and sell. Some big mega-inflated business will come in, change everything to the way they like it and the whole thing will be unusable. Patreon won’t “change back” or anything and probably the best solution is someone smart enough will end up creating or finding an alternative to Patreon. People will move over there in droves and most likely the process will start all over again.

But here is the thing. The ones who are affected the most by these changes? The ones that are the most successful at it. The ones who bring in more money in a month doing there creative best than some of the people who actually work there. The ones with the smaller fandoms, the ones who only bring in money in the double digits every month, those are the people I feel the worst for. Those are the people, who like me thought this would be a great way to get your name out there and be able to make some money off their creativity on top of menial crap jobs where they probably hate, only to never see that kind of success. Those are the people I give a damn about, but I can guarantee you that Patreon isn’t looking at them. They aren’t the ones putting money into their system.

So for those people, I hope you are able to find different ways to make your money and grow your fandom. No matter your media, there are other places and other ways to bring in some income from what you are doing. Do not give up on yourself and keep creating!

Also, giving thanks to my friend Diane last week for the awesome article. She is very awesome and so were many of you for checking her article out! See you all next time!

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