Hope you are having a good time!

Hey Gang! Hope everyone has been having a good holiday, no matter what it is. The area around the home base here in Maine has been dumped on with lots of snow so there has been a good amount of shoveling and ice breaking as well.

Christmas was enjoyable for me. No weird surprises or anything going on. Just working on the next book and chasing off some bad feelings from recent crap. If you have been feeling down or depressed during this time of year, it’s okay. Please find some way to help yourself and make it through. Things have been rough on me and I have been finding ways to feel better. Please do the same if you need it. You have the same right to enjoy the holiday as anyone else. Depression sucks.

Been sending out good wishes to my friends, both online and off, and I’m sending a greeting to you! If you are reading this, then thank you! I don’t get paid for any of this, so seeing that people do read this week to week is a nice sign that I’m not terrible at this after all these years.

My big goal from the oncoming year is more books and hopefully be able to sell them in stores. This fiction writing thing is not an easy time, no one said it would ever be, but as a creative person and writer, I want to take things to the next level and makes more of a living off things I create. Here’s hoping 2018 brings that and brings good things to all of you!

As for right now, well, one of the things I seem to receive every year is Hot Chocolate mix. This year I was gifted a variety pack of Cocoa of different flavors in small packets. And I tell you, these things are STRONG. Only needs a little bit to make a cup and you know what flavor it is before it comes anywhere close to my mouth! Don’t know if it is caffeinated or not but the aroma off a cup of these will wake you up! Any of you get those gifts that have become more a tradition to you than just a random gift?

Anyway, hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the holiday season. Happy New Years and those of you who know I’m a wrestling fan, We got NJPW’s WrestleKingdom 12 coming up from the Tokyo Dome on the 4th.

Peace to you all.

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You can read my fiction work HERE

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