Happy New Year Gang!


Hi, again gang! A new year has arrived and got a few things on my mind as I write this. Hope everyone had a good holiday and didn’t end up with a big hangover. A lot of my local friends are fighting off some battles with the sickies, so hope you are feeling well and not froze like we are here in New England!

So the first thing I better tackle is the one that has popped up in the last few days and is about that yahoo who decided to film a Youtube Video in the Suicide Forrest in Japan, including taking a video of a poor soul who killed themselves. Yeah, I don’t think I need to explain that this is not cool. This isn’t about a message or trying to bring attention to any cause. It’s just exploitive. I’m not going to even mention this idiots name. You can go elsewhere for that. Of course, Youtube has yet to do much of anything at all of this video being uploaded because hey, they get to make their money. It is things like this that make me glad I never got into doing web shows. I’d say it’s up to YouTube now to fix anything, but they are too busy having one of their “stars” make money for them. Not only is it disrespectful to the person they show, and their family, but also violates Youtube’s own rules and shows how hypocritical they are when dealing with one of those things. Not only that, but there are effects with him being a foreigner in Japan doing this. Asshole.

Switching gears, it is also January and one of my favorite WWE wrestling events coming up is the Royal Rumble. Honestly, there hasn’t been a huge buzz about it this year, largely since the WWE has really messed it up badly over the last few years. The big thing for this year’s event in the announcement of a 30 Woman Rumble for the event. And while I’m sure the WWE will mess that up too, at least going in there is some buzz and interest about it. I’ll be watching. The WWE has really squashed the men’s one for me the last number of years, but at least they can’t kill this concept that bad can they?

And Finally, I got a break for one of my books! A local (to New England) Book and music Chain called Bull Moose Music is now carrying my novel Cityscape Tokyo in its online store with the idea being that if things go well over the website, they will carry the book in the Brick and Mortar Stores! So, I am gonna promote the living hell out of this!

Do you like adventure? A good read? Read Cityscape Tokyo. It has action, Adventure, and talk of bad frozen Mexican food!

Cityscape Tokyo is the story of Sho and Kyoko Kimmamoro. They are adopted siblings who live with their guardian Rei near the Roppongi Hill region of Tokyo. Sho is a brainy nerd who is shy and reserved, while Kyoko is outspoken and bossy. Life is normal for these two until Kyoko starts suffering from terrible pains and migraine attacks. The Yamazaki Medical Corporation and its Vice President Ms. Fumika then enter their livers and turn everything upside down.

Read Cityscape Tokyo to find out how the two teens and their guardian have to survive and watch out for each other when the company’s dark past comes back to haunt the kids and their guardian once again and make for an incredible adventure in Cityscape Tokyo! Now available on the Bull Moose website!


Here’s hoping this is the first step in lots of big things for all my books!

Anywho, Hope you all have a great year ahead and I will see you all next time!


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