We all could use a little love.

Hey Gang. Can’t say I’m in a peachy mood as I write this but that is my problem and not the point of this week’s article.

As most of you, especially the ones in the United States, saw recently in Parkland Florida an expelled, racist, piece of shit walked into a school and once again we are mourning a bunch of young people who literally did nothing to deserve this except to show up for school that day. Once again a bunch of old, out of touch, paid off, pieces of Shit are bickering about it not being a gun issue and that nothing should be about guns and blah blah blah.

If any of you have been following me for this long you know that I think the NRA is a terrorist organization more worried about profit than lives and safety. People are getting it.

What I am getting into is that these kids that were part of this nightmare are actually standing up and saying something about it. And that is the right idea. No more of this blind bullshit that the government will handle things and protect everyone. That isn’t true. The government is a bunch of bought off assholes worrying more about lining their pockets than actually doing anything productive about this. Maybe now a whole generation can stand up and say something and get shit done. Of course, I’m not fan of the orange goblin sitting in the white house (or golfing for the billionth time as usual) so I have a feeling he’ll not get the point and nothing will be done. He may say things, but do something and maybe you’ll get my actual attention on this.

But this is how change starts to happen. Hopefully, it happens sooner than later. We are rapidly approaching a big election year. Soon enough people running for these offices are going to start coming out of the woodwork. Hell, I may just run again, but hopefully this time someone will run that actually gets it and we won’t have the mess that we did with the last election. Somone who isn’t taking NRA money or being paid off by anyone else.

And just for clarification, Russians didn’t help me either. Then again, not that many people did anyway.

Face it, there needs to be some action taken, and not just let these old dirtbags keep having their way. The NRA has had their control of this country for way too long and if kids are going to keep getting killed so that these bastards can make a profit, then it is time to do something about it.

Now, before I go I want to point anyone reading this towards a special little pup who is part of the family of a friend of mine. I have not had the chance to meet her personally, but Bailey isn’t feeling too good and she needs some help. Poor Bailey could use the kindness of strangers so if you are reading this, I ask you to give her a little love and help her and Jen out. She has had a rough one so far so she could use the help. You can donate to her and her human Jen HERE.

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