This post is about a sweet Doggy who needs a hand

Hey Gang!

It’s been a long week with a lot going on in the homestead but one thing I would like to tell you is the continuing adventures of the cute dog named Bailey. I’ve been posting the links to help her and her owner Jen out for a while now. Little Bailey’s been to the doctor and while she is not cured, they were able to make things more reasonable with a $2000 price and she has been having Vet visits to test out everything she has going on.

The big news is that Bailey has a new fundraiser to help better than the old one can and it is at:

So if you have Facebook or just wanting to help out this is the primary link to give to a good cause.

The old link to the GoFundMe still works to, although it seems a small bit of your donation goes directly to GoFundMe, Jen and Bailey are still getting the large part of what is being sent to them, so if that is your deal, COOL! Just know that a little bit of that donation will get eaten.

Either way, I am hoping she still gets the money she needs or as close to it as can be reached. Either way it is reached (though preferably the new one) the money to Bailey is helping during this tough time so keep doing what you can for a cute pup and a wonderful owner having a tough time.

Sorry for being so short this week. But I’d rather do this for a good cause then a long one of a whole lot of nothing.


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