Or is it me getting older?

Hi gang!

So I’ve been scaling back at least a little bit on WWE. First, my WWE Network card expired and after getting a false charge on that one a while back, I’m not hugely anxious to get another one or try to get swindled by doing it through my bank account either.

But more so with that, The WWE doesn’t give the fans what that are hoping for or what they want, the WWE goes on the whims of Vince and that isn’t changing. Even now more than ever. I wasn’t expecting much from last night’s show, and while I’ve been told it was good and I might check it out sometime down the road, it just seemed REALLY predictable. Fans weren’t THAT overjoyed with the results and everyone’s predictions came out exactly as I’ve been seeing them. The big guy won, the hot girl won more than enough times, The Japanese guy didn’t win. Congrats you’ve literally described every WWE event going back years.

Maybe it’s them, maybe it’s me, but Raw and Smackdown seem so predictable now and not in a good way. The stories being told are not stories I would write, and maybe having my wrestling through a 73-year-old filter is getting in the way. I’m not calling it good to feel like this. Let’s face it if I can still be a “fan” after the Benoit deaths and the Federal Government, I’m probably not going to stop now. But focusing my attention elsewhere might be for the best right now.

While WWE is dragging its heels now that Wrestlemania is over and they got all that Saudi money for the next 10 years or so, RAW and Smackdown will be fine if I don’t care as much about those shows anymore. NXT actually has been a good show, so no matter how, I will still be checking that out more. Outside WWE’s radar, Lucha Underground started a new season and while it may be it’s last, it’s still an interesting show. Any wrestling show that starts off its season with a funeral can’t be all bad.

AAA Lucha Libre also gets some attention too, but it is not looking great for them either. While the wrestling is good for me, the crowds at these shows are getting nonexistent. Something is going on there, but that is not my concern really.

Defiant wrestling out of England is also good, but they feel like they are going through something themselves. The live Amped shows are no longer airing as they were, and a lot of people seem to be leaving. Money troubles or not, something is going on there, even if the wrestling is still good for me to watch. (Note: Literally as I wrote this it was announced that WWEUK was founded and taping later this summer)

I will say now that my focus should be more on NJPW’s part. For what it’s worth. I find New Japan’s action better, more engaging, and brings me in more as a fan. I don’t subscribe to their streaming service, but I kinda wish I could. With the new Champion now, after having Okada for nearly 2 years, things do seem a little fresher, but that would be calling the action they had stale. New Japan was hardly stale. The weekly show on AXS is good, if below a standard. It’s fun to watch!

So maybe I just need a break from my wrestling as much as I do many other aspects of my life. Don’t worry about me though, I’ll get through this, as I always do.


Now, before I go I want to point anyone reading this towards a special little pup who is part of the family of a friend of mine. I have not had the chance to meet her personally, but Bailey isn’t feeling too good and she needs some help. Poor Bailey could use the kindness of strangers so if you are reading this, I ask you to give her a little love and help her and Jen out. She has had a rough one so far so she could use the help. You can donate to her and her human Jen HERE.

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