You know it’s not what it seems.


The WWE made a big announcement on an episode of RAW where they made sure to tell everyone about a show called “Evolution” taking place in October. The hook is is that it is an all women’s show. This, of course, was Historic and a history-making announcement. They made sure to tell us this.

This is a PR stunt.

Most of the actual wrestling fans watching that also see a lot of the stuff the WWE is not saying and all the smoke and mirrors they are using to make better business for themselves. Mostly, as is with just about everything they do now, it’s to swindle the stock investors and make a sweet amount of money off this.

The big thing is the announcement itself. With Vince (who is to blame for the women of the WWE being treated so badly to begin with) and Triple H right there to soak up the camera time, Vince’s Daughter, Stephanie announced the idea. EVERYTHING “revolutionary” involving the women is for her benefit. She likes people to think she is making these calls herself. She wants PR because she wants to be looked at as important. She wants to be looked at like her dad thinks he is looked at by a lot of people. This isn’t about forwarding the women in the WWE, it’s about forwarding HER image.

Another big problem is the other shows that put on. WWE shows often get crap ratings because they piss off their own fan base, and even those fans who do not normally watch, they have no reason to tune in to make things even better. It’s not even just the TV viewers either. I was recently at a live show and that place wasn’t even half full. The fans are turning away because Vince doesn’t market to them. So putting on a show of all women won’t do any good if no one is watching.

Thre timing is suspect too. They have ANOTHER MAJOR SHOW before this event in October. It’s called Summerslam. Funny how that got swept under the rug. Maybe main eventing with the same shit that no one is watching might be a problem. All of that was swept under the rug because of Stephanie’s ego trip.

It also seems awfully convenient that this happened right before they announced t6heir earnings for the Second Quarter of the year for the stock investors. Jeez, that can’t have anything to do with it, could it? They couldn’t possibly want to butter up people and rake in more money, could they?

And let’s not pass over the Greatest Royal Rumble Event where Women were not allowed to even be there and that Saudi Arabia had to apologize when a woman showed up in a video commercial for that. They don’t cover things like that. But they got paid $40 million for that stunt. That is what was important.

And the media reports that were out literally before RAW was even finished. Gotta make those headlines on CNN’s website. I’m sure someone has some prewritten PR release in an email somewhere. Gotta make headlines to pump up that financial report.

WWE doesn’t care about the women on the roster, they don’t care about the fans who will yawn and probably watch this shit on an illegal download anyway. It’s all about the money and all about the stock investors. The ones who actually pay for their shit aren’t part of the process or the outcome. Maybe that is why no one cares anymore.

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