The new WOS Wrestling show looks good!

I like to watch the wrestling stuff out of England. Stuff like the old World of Sport wrestling videos on Youtube and the newer stuff like Defiant Wrestling. The big problem in England and Europe is that a lot of it is not exclusive and not of the budget like the WWE here in the states.

The newest wrestling project to come out of England is ITV’s revival of World of Sport wrestling. It features a lot of the names that made me like Defiant and their previous incarnation as WCPW. Joe Hendry, Martin Kirby, Rampage Brown, Viper, Kay Lee Ray, Viper, Bea Presley, Stu Bennett, Liam Slater, Drake, Gabriel Kidd, and Will Ospreay have made appearances on the new WOS and it’s only in its the second week.

That’s a good start! And while WOS has been taking off with its better production and presumably a lot better budget, Defiant seems to be winding down. It;’s sad to see the group wrapping up as it’s been around for a couple of years and I got to watch a lot of it, as it used to do weekly shows on Youtube. That was an issue going back to the WCPW days big it’s trip has been coming to an end n some form for a while. WOS seems to be the next step for those guys and girls. A different mind and a different presentation. for fans of Defiant and WCPW, maybe this is the next step too.

Having ITV handle things has brought a better TV production to things while Defiant did have an Indy fed feel to it. After a while, you just felt they weren’t going any further. Grant it, the shows were good, but it was lacking and as time went on, you just never got the feeling it was going any further. WOS has potential, it can go up from here, but that potential doesn’t get you much with wrestling shows. The next step with WOS is maybe what Defiant was doing, actual events to build up to. Defiant still has two of those scheduled while WOS is more worried about getting this show off the ground.

Priorities may be different in that WOS is more minded in making good TV, but a Wrestling Promotion has to build to something. you have to have a light at the end for people to go down the tunnel. Maybe that will come in time.

But for right now I am liking what they are doing and hope for the best for it! I want to see more!

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