My Picks for the Big Shows coming up!

Hi Gang! It is hot as hell around here but hopefully, that won’t go too much longer. BUT Summer means that time of year as one of WWE’s biggest shows is about to take place this weekend in Summerslam. It’s a big deal so why not toss some picks out there for anyone who cares. Also, since NXT is also running a show that weekend, let’s toss in those picks as well since often the NXT shows do better than Vince’s product anyway. So with that out of the way, here are my picks for the two big shows this weekend!

On a related note, as I was putting this together, I got the news of the passing of Jim Neidhart. He was a big part of my days as a younger fan as part of the Hart Foundation and got to see him live a bunch of time back in the day. He is a big part of my fandom. Gonna miss you, Jim, Rest in Pease and Power!


Universal Title: Brock Lesnar v/s Roman Reigns: I hope the hell they do this for the last time. The “Roman Reigns” moment isn’t going to happen and it IS time to move on. But that hasn’t stopped the WWE before. The moment I would wish for is that whoever wins gets destroyed by Braun Strowman (or Kevin Owens) afterward but WWE thinking would probably just have Roman win and get booed for it. Either way, this match will be boring and something we’ve seen a million times before. But the ending will be a Cash in by either MITB match winner to end this idea once and for all. WINNER: Vince.

WWE Title: AJ Styles v/s Samoa Joe: Another match where plenty of fans are looking forward to it, but this is the WWE so it isn’t going to be NEARLY as good as people want it to be. The matches with Nakamura has soured me on AJ EVER being allowed to do a great match with the title. But hopefully, it will be passable. Don’t get your hopes up for match of the night, but this shouldn’t Suck that bad WINNER: Styles Retains

Raw Woman’s Title: Alexia Bliss v/s Rhonda Rousey: This one shouldn’t take long. Rhonda has been alright, but in this environment, she isn’t meant to put on Marathons either. I think Alexia plays her heel character well so having Rhonda steamroll over her would be ideal but again this is WWE, so Bliss will do all kinds of cooky cheating, even if the finale is not a clean one WINNER: Rhonda by Disqualification

Smackdown Women’s Title: Carmella v/s Charlotte Flair v/s Becky Lynch: Meanwhile on the other roster I’m not a fan of WWE 3 way matches at all so I’m not expecting this one to be a card stealer. 2 of these women can put on a good performance, so of course, the one who can’t, will probably win when the other two kill each other WINNER: Carmella

Intercontinental Title: Dolph Ziggler v/s Seth Rollins: Well this is interesting. People WANTED Dolph to get a title and a push, so they made him a bargain basement Shawn Michaels and fed him to Seth Rollins. This is probably more to push Drew McIntyre anyway. Probably won’t be a clean finish either WINNER: Seth by DQ and involvement with Drew and Deam Ambrose

United States Title: Shinsuke Nakamura v/s Jeff Hardy: Shinsuke CAN do great things, but he’s Japanese and Vince is racist. The match will be forgettable and probably Shinsuke wins with a ball shot to make him more of a bad guy WINNER: Shinsuke Nakamura

Smackdown Tag Title: The Bludgeon Brothers v/s New Day: This AGAIN?!? We get it, the New Day is your boys to put on Smackdown Promos. We’ve seen this about a bazillion times now and I’m not caring about this one. Blah match to fill time WINNER: The Bludgeon Brothers

Cruiserweight Title: Cedric Alexander v/s Drew Gulak: 205 Live is such a dumpster fire now that these guys could put on the match of the night and no one would really care. It should be good, but it will be brief and forgotten about. Plus I don’t think Drew Gulak is the guy to win the title here WINNER: Cedric Alexander

Braun Strowman v/s Kevin Owens: If Owens wins in ANY manner, he gets the Briefcase and the guaranteed Shot at the Title. That may be the rub. Kevin will run. That is what you do with a monster like this, but I may be fanboying a bit on this, but I bet whoever wins this cashes in on Brock or Roman. Either is possible, but it would play out more like WWE style of Kevin cheats his win to the briefcase and ends up stealing the title at the end of the night. WINNER: Kevin Owens in a screwball of a match for the later Cash in

Daniel Bryan v/s The Miz: Umm, wow talk about too little too late. This seems more like an excuse to get Bryan on the card without actually pushing him and using an older fun to build to it. We get it, reality shows and stuff, but that is hardly a reason to even have this match. It will be serviceable but meh, not breathtaking WINNER: Daniel Bryan

Finn Balor v/s Baron Corbin: Really? Ths one just screams preshow to me. Balor is Shorter than Corbin, THAT IS IT. They are pushing Corbin bad but he doesn’t have any of IT to run with it, so it will be forgettable. WINNER: Corbin

RAW Tag Team Titles: The B Team v/s The Revival: Well this was a latest add on to the pre show. Guess that tag title is a real focus huh? The fan in me hopes the Revival will steamroll over these guys, but again, this is the WWE so it ill be a brief no nothing match that may “entertaion” but will be fogotten soon after. WINNER: The B Team

Rusev/Lana v/s Zelina Vega/Andrade Cien Almas: Talk about a Pre-show match. Who gives a crap about this match? Almas isn’t over and taking the mask off him killed any momentum he had getting in the WWE. Seems more like an excuse to get Rusev on the show more than anything, but they don’t do anything with Rusev either! WINNER: Rusev and Lana



NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4:

NXT Title Last Man standing: Tomasso Champa v/s Johhny Gargano: With Black taken out of the match it is no longer a 3 way but the last man standing match instead. GOOD. These two guys can put on an awesome show and add a stipulation in, this very well could be the match of the Weekend. I expect high hopes for this one and think it will go balls to the wall. I don’t think they would take the belt off Champa that quick so again, he will win in a heel way and set up a cage match to blow this feud off, but unlike the main roster these guys will put on a good show in doing it. WINNER: Champa

NXT Tag titles: Strong/O’Reilly V/S Moustache Mountain: This has to be tied in with the NXT UK brand launch they have already filmed. But I do not see a title change here either. The Era has a good thing going and while they could lose and get promoted, I just don’t see it happening here. It will be GOOD though. The kind of tag match fans like me wants to watch. WINNER: Undisputed Era (Strong/O’Reilly)

NXT Woman’s Title: Shayna Baszler V/S Kairi Sane: This is probably to hype this year’s Mae young Classic more than anything. Shayna really doesn’t do it for me, but she does play the bully really well. While her getting onto the main roster is doable, Again, I don’t see the title change happening here. WINNER: Shayna Baszler

NXT North American Title: Adam Cole v/s Riccochet: Well the title doesn’t mean squat right now but this is one that should be good too. Both guys put on awesome matches and should do well against each other, but I just see Cole getting the win. He’s just that good. WINNER: Adam Cole

EC3 V/s Velveteen Dream: If this ends up being the only nontitle match, that would be a shame, but I can see that. EC3 has lived up to the hype he had coming from TNA and he can put on a show. Dream is a character who get’s himself over and looks good doing it. With EC3 being the newer guy and Dream probably getting to RAW or Smackdown sooner than later, I’m giving it to the 1%. WINNER: EC3

As usual, I see NXT getting the edge on the weekend. SummerSlam shouldn’t be a technical wrestling monster, but it has the potential to get a few surprises and still stand out. Hopefully, I am right on that one. We shall see! Have a good time and see you later!


Now, before I go I want to point anyone reading this towards a special little pup who is part of the family of a friend of mine. I have not had the chance to meet her personally, but Bailey isn’t feeling too good and she needs some help. Poor Bailey could use the kindness of strangers so if you are reading this, I ask you to give her a little love and help her and Jen out. She has had a rough one so far so she could use the help. You can donate to her and her human Jen HERE.

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