A little something from the second kRaveings Book!

Hello gang! It is Tuesday, September the 11th. For many of us in the United States that brings so bad memories. If you feel the need, remember the day and do what you can to remember that day. I wasn’t in New York, but I remember where I was that day. Remember it in your own way.

As for here, this is a Sample from my second kRaveings book, Shock in the Dark. Enjoy the read of part of the adventure and links will be made for the whole thing for 99 Cents.


kRaveings: Shock In The Dark

by: Soul Tsukino



Gus Ratheger was just locking the door on the Coldwater Kennel and Pet Supply building as night settled over the city. Another day of looking over animals and customers alike had come to an end. The 40 something year old man scratched the back of his balding head as he brought the curtain down over the front of his store and walked back through the store front. Dogs, cats and other animals bark, howl and chirp at him. Oblivious to the sounds he walks to the small door leading to the back rooms of the store.

Business had suffered a lot in recent months. Gus had come under fire from city officials for animal cruelty and mistreatment, forgery of documents, and numerous other charges that had been widely reported in Coldwater’s newspapers. Although he had heard these accusations before, this was the first time he had actually been legally accused of any wrong doing.

And that’s as far as it ever got.

Thanks to a good lawyer and some legal technicalities nothing could ever be proven that anything shady was going on at his business. As it had been for many years there was a lot of talk but nothing could ever be proven. In fact he ended up ahead of the game when he sued the city for defamation and received a very large settlement.

Gus walked passed all the extra bags of food and supplies he kept in the back and walked through another door. In this back room were a couple of large metal sinks and tables for cleaning and taking care of animals that he kept at his kennel. If he received a stray or badly kept cat or dog he would get them cleaned, deloused, and presentable for sale. If they were not emotionally damaged enough or riddled with disease they could sell within a day or two.

However, not all the animals turned a profit. Some animals just did not appeal to parents of little Johnny or Suzie looking for a new pet to distract their bratty little kids. Some of these animals “rescued” by some do-gooding old lady or beatnik environmentalist were just too far gone to be able to sell. If you had spent your whole life living off trash scraps and rats in alleys, you’d probably not like getting your tail pulled by an overactive toddler.

Gus went to the back of the building where a box of gloves sat on a shelf next to a large box of brown trash bags. He put the gloves on and pulled a carton of cigarettes from his pocket and a lighter. With smoke firmly in mouth, he pulled a trash bag from the box.

Next to the back door was a plastic container. Gus walked to the container and looked it over. This was the part of the business. The thinning of the weak or unwanted to make room for that which could bring money to his pockets was the necessity. He popped open the container and inside saw the empty coils of the animals that breathed their last breath. He picked up the limp frames one by one, tossing them into the trash bags.  It wasn’t disease or parasites that killed these creatures it was much simpler and sinister than that. It was cleaning fluid.

Even though his kennel was labeled as “kill free”, that notion went out the door when he realized that he only had so much space and an animal that wouldn’t sell was only costing him money. Some of the animals went on their own, but some of the little pests hung on and were too stubborn to die. He could use some expensive chemical like the vets used, or some elaborate killing device, but he found just feeding the little bastards cleaning fluid did the job cheaply. Some times he’d get requests from taxidermists or schools looking for corpses to dissect, but most of the time he just chucked them in the garbage at night and let the city trash collection take care of the rest. They usually didn’t ask too many questions anyway.

Gus took animal after animal and plopped them in the bag. Some of them were diseased, some were not all that social to humans, but all of them had been taking up space. Gus bent down and readjusted the bag’s opening as he went to reach in for the next limp body.


Gus froze at the haunting call. He looked wide eyed into the container just in time to see a cat come leaping out at him. Gus fell backwards smacking his head on the floor. Gus looked up blearing eyed to see a black and white cat standing on his chest with a paw full of claws extended right to his face.

“Your abuses of creatures are to end.”

Gus couldn’t believe the threat from the cat’s mouth. He scrambled back and pushed the cat off his chest.

“What the-“

“Your lies end here and now!”

The cat leaped forward taking another swipe. Gus scrambled backwards not knowing what the hell was coming after him. He scrambled to his feet and made a mad dash for the back door. He grabbed the handle and threw open the door only to freeze at a figure waiting for him.

“Surprise, Asshole!”

Several pink and black tendrils shot out and connected with his body, making him freeze in place. The cat trotted up to the frozen man.

“The legal system of this city was not able to stop your misdeeds against these innocent creatures you were entrusted with, but we will make sure you do not harm another living creature again.”

The cat looked up to kRaven, still controlling Gus in place.

“What mercy shall we have for him?”

kRaven’s face was hidden under a pair of pink lensed goggles and a black surgical mask with a biohazard symbol on it. kRaven cocked his head and looked the fat man over.

“As much as I’d like to pour some of that cleaner down your fat gullet I think having you spend some time in your own little cage will suit you just fine.”

Suddenly there was the unmistakable sound of an electric charge. Gus’s eyes rolled back in his head. Mirakoshi felt the fur on his feline back stand up from the charged air before kRaven let his cyberlox tendrils go, making Gus collapse to the floor unconscious.

“Your idea worked out well,” kRaven said, “Didn’t know you could possess an animal like that.”

“I do not engage a creature as much as a human form, but it becomes useful on occasion.”

kRaven looked around to the ceiling. “I did a scan of the building. He has security cameras so he must have video of him poisoning those animals.”

kRaven turned around and found the back office. As he got to work with the security system Mirakoshi pawed up to the unconscious form. He had not shared it with kRaven, but what led them here was the last time he had possessed a non human creature. It was a small dog he had discovered at the city dump. A trash bag had torn and the small lifeless form had fallen out. He possessed the body and the memories he inherited lead him to see what had gone on at this kennel. He had never forgotten that memory and once he became acquainted with kRaven, he had found someone who could stop these misdeeds. As he sat there he had flashes of the memories of this feline’s life. It had once had a home and a family, but had been donated to this kennel 6 months before. Mirakoshi felt sad for the small creature being abandoned to this cruel man’s care. Mirakoshi extended the claws on one of his paws and raked them as hard as he could across the still face of the man, drawing blood immediately.

“That will be my punishment for abusing these creatures’s trust.”

kRaven walked back out of the office with a burned DVD in his hand. He looked down seeing the bleeding claw marks on the man’s face.

“Feel better?”

“Only slightly.”

“Between the security camera footage and the containers of dead animals with cleaning solution in their system it should be enough to get something of a conviction. Shut this place down anyway.”

kRaven walked by the still frame on the floor and found a few dog leashes in with the pet supplies. He came back and picked up the body and used the dog leashes to tie him tightly around the wrists and ankles. He placed the DVD of the security footage next to the restrained man on the floor.

“That ought to do it,” kRaven said. “We will let the cops handle it from here on. I’ll make sure they get animal control over here too.”

“I will be with the animals when you are done,” Mirakoshi replied.

As kRaven went back into the office to call the cops, Mirakoshi pawed out into the kennel area. The cats and dogs were already agitated and making noise. He looked over all the animals sitting in their cages. In his 200 or so years he had seen a lot of suffering and pain, animal and human alike. This was hardly saving the masses from war or famine. But it was a small step in making the city that much better of a place.

A few minutes later kRaven came into the kennel.

“They’re coming so let’s get going. I’m not one to hang around,” kRaven said.

“Likewise,” Mirakoshi replied.

They exited the kennel and went through the back towards the rear exit of the building.

“You gonna stay like that?” kRaven asked.

“For now,” Mirakoshi replied.

Once outside, kRaven stopped. He turned around and picked up the cat in his arms.

“Then this will make things easier,” kRaven said carrying the cat.

“If you wish.”

As they ducked back into the darkening alleys of the city, the sirens of the police could be heard approaching the building behind them.

“So where did you get the idea for that one?” kRaven asked.

“A memory of a lost soul I’ve carried for a time now. It has been an unsettled issue that I am glad is resolved”

kRaven chuckled. “Well, not much for animal rights and all that, but that was kind of fun. I imagine he took having one of his cats threatening him very well.”

The cat’s tail flicked. “The look of fear and uncertainty was my intended goal.”

kRaven cracked a smile. “Remind me never to piss you off. I don’t want some dead gorilla from a zoo showing up at my door one night.”

Even Mirakoshi found some humor in that remark.

“But I have noticed you have changed your appearance,” The cat noted.

“Eh, I wanted to jazz things up a bit,” kRaven said taking off the mask that covered his mouth. “If I’m gonna do stuff like that I didn’t want to look like a shlub.  The mask and spandex look may work for spaceman and his type, but I’m not very traditional. I haven’t worn some of this stuff in ages so it feels good to get the old party gear out again.”

Mirakoshi was not one to comment on fashion.

“Now that our mission is done, what have we for plans?”

“Oh I dunno,” kRaven sighed. “I suppose it’s about time I start looking into cleaning up the old dump. The old Hive doesn’t really buzz much anymore. Now that I’m not cranked full of drugs and chasing the dragon, I’ve become more aware of the smell coming out of some of the corners of that building.”

“I concur with your assessment,” Mirakoshi replied.

kRaven laughed loudly now. “Oh, you wait. Right now with that cat sense of smell you will probably pick up smells I don’t even know I have. So good luck with that.”

Mirakoshi chuckled. He wasn’t usually one for an outward display of humor like his companion was, but at times even he found humor in kRaven’s words.

“Suppose I will get that old freight elevator up and going at least. I’m going to have to pick up some grease to get that old thing moving again.”

Mirakoshi looked up, “You are not able to correct that with your abilities?”

kRaven chuckled, “The wires and the machinery yes, but I’m not going to even try to think about how I’m able to produce industrial lube from my own thoughts. I can buy that stuff at the store thank you.”

“I see your point,” Mirakoshi replied.

kRaven wound through some alleys making their way to the local department store. It wasn’t far off, and the streets were rather empty tonight. However, as they came out from an alley between two buildings, something caught Mirakoshi’s attention. The cat’s ears perked up.

“What is it? Did Timmy fall down a well?” kRaven asked jokingly.

“No,” Mirakoshi replied suddenly serious, “An alarm.”

kRaven looked down to the cat. “What kind?”

“I am not sure, but it is coming from our left.”

kRaven turned left and started walking briskly down the street. After passing a couple of buildings, he began to hear the security alarm as well. It took a little distance to realize it was coming from small drug store with a glass front. kRaven got closer to the store and tried to stay out of sight. Both he and Mirakoshi ducked behind a car and looked inside.

“I am not seeing anyone inside,” Mirakoshi stated. “What do you make of it?”

kRaven felt something was up himself. “I don’t like it.”

Suddenly a dreadfall extended from the top of his head and shot close to the ground before connecting to the side of the building. Within moments he had the scan of the building in his mind.

“Definitely the security alarm. Two people in a back room, alive, but I think they are tied up. Two women are next to a register with someone standing beside them and he’s loaded with some nasty looking tech. He’s got an energy manipulator of some kind and a suit that’s flowing with all kinds of fiber optics. His helmet’s loaded with tech too.”

“A robbery?”

“With what this guy’s got on him, he’s not an ordinary thug. Since the cops aren’t here yet I’m guessing the alarm just went off. Our fun isn’t over yet.”

As his cyber tendril retracted back to his head kRaven pulled the mask out of his pocket and put it back on. He snuck along the ground getting closer to the building. He looked in and both he and Mirakoshi were surprised to see a figure, likely a man, wearing a black and orange jump suit with a black helmet with an orange lightening bolt across the front of it.

“What the hell?” kRaven asked.

“You are correct,” Mirakoshi said. “This is no average thug.”

“It’s one of those guys from those Japanese monster shows,” kRaven replied.

They watched as the obviously scared women were shaking with this strange man standing next to them with a bag and a weapon in his hand. It looked like a small space like dagger. They couldn’t hear anything but they saw one of the girls shriek and cower as the weird man held the weapon closer to her.

“Time to stop this,” kRaven said getting up.

“Right,” Mirakoshi said following close behind.

kRaven ran right for the door and threw it open. He rushed inside and got the attention of the mysterious figure. With cyberlox flailing and Mirakoshi in tow, kRaven took an aggressive stance with fists balled.

“I don’t know what the hell you are, but you will leave these people alone.”

The girls shrieked, and the odd figure looked to kRaven. He turned away from the counter and held his blade pointing in kRaven’s direction.

“Do not interfere.”

kRaven didn’t move from the threat from the obviously electronically disguised voice.

“I’m not one to follow orders. Especially from some kids’ show reject.”

Mirakoshi looked back briefly as he heard police sirens approaching as the police arrived into the parking lot.

“Looks like this doesn’t end well for you, mystery man,” kRaven remarked.

The strange man didn’t move a muscle as the police cars lined up in front of the building. kRaven took the first move by launching two cyberlox outward. However, before they could connect the man made a quick large slash motion with his blade. kRaven and Mirakoshi saw a wave of flame and energy shoot forth and slam into them. Launched in the air from the force, kRaven crashed through the glass window of the store and slammed down on top of the hood of a police car.

“Ugh,” kRaven groaned as he lifted his head. “That hurt.”


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