A preview of the new books releasing on Halloween!

Hi Gang!  As I have announced before I have a new ebook coming out on Halloween with 3 of a Kind. This book follows 3 tales from each of my kRaveings personalities with a look at one of Mirakoshi’s previous incarnations, a look at Evo back when she was a homeless club kid, and a story of kRaven himself looking back at some of the things in his life. The book may be released later this month (for 99 cents) but here is a look at one of the tales from 3 of a Kind!


3 of a Kind

by: Soul Tsukino


 Mirakoshi’s Tale

(The Early 1980’s)

It was part of a Midwestern town that was away from the main city. It was well known for its visitors, but had a lot of its own dwellers. Most of them were proud to be from the area, even if their homes were not brand new or ones to brag about. The official name of the small town was Epson. It was referred to by that by the state governments and all across the newspapers and on TV. But the people from all around called it “Chinatown” due to it being the local center for those from Asia or descended from those immigrants. What many didn’t realize, or drawing a snicker from those that did, was that “Chinatown” was mostly Japanese. Although it welcomed those from just about anywhere in the world, it was mostly the Japanese descendants from those of earlier generations that had founded the town many years before that called it home.

Whatever the people called it, Epson was not a terrible place to be. It primarily made its business from the various shops and stores around the area. Epson was a great location for those around to come and spend some time and money. There were plenty of buildings and restaurants around and most did not have any problems with where you came from, just as long as the money was good and you behaved yourself, Those who did business in the city area knew tourism was a big part of town life there, so acting mean and ugly to people you didn’t know wasn’t something that paid off.

Over on the Eastern part of the city sat an older building. It was wide but only two stories tall.  The bottom floor was where people wanted to be. It had sat on that site for more than 70 years. It was first built by townspeople near the turn of the 20th Century. In that time, it had changed hands plenty of times and served many functions. It had been a small dance hall, a bar, a meeting house, a store, and a few other things over its years. Right now it served as a restaurant. The building was called “The Ninth Life”, but no one seemed to know why. The restaurant inside served “Asian” food, but anyone who knew Asian food found it more of “Asian influence” than the diners had ever seen. Regardless of where it or the recipes came from, no one seemed to complain. It served a good meal and didn’t set you back to much either.

It was a bright sunny day outside, but inside the eatery, it was just like any other. People of many ages were running around making sure everything was running smoothly. They did things to keep it running smoothly, like making sure everything looked amazing and was well run. Others were behind the scenes making all the food that was being served and ensuring that the tables were all ready to serve those who sat down, some for a quick bite, others for a big meal.

One table off to the corner was serving a different purpose at the moment. A lone man in a grey business suit just sat there with a single cup of flavored cold water on the table and a short-haired white cat curled up next to him asleep. Many around the area called him “Old man” but his actual name to many was Gen. He was in his 60’s and his hair had turned grey in years gone by. He owned the place and kept it running. Gen was good to everybody, whether they worked for him or not. He just sat at the corner table having a drink and watching the people go by. All the while his feline companion, Spectre, curled up on the table’s bench seat and  snoozed away. Spectre was no problem either as the cat hung around Gen all the time, but kept away from the kitchen or the really busy parts of the restaurant. Those that knew Gen were all too familiar with the kitty, and how gentle it was. It seemed to take after its master and was not one to cause anyone any harm or get in the way.

Both seemed content with relaxing with all the chaos around them. Gen just sat and watched with a snoring cat by his side. A few people recognized Gen and gave him greetings in between what they were doing, and Gen gave a wave back with a friendly smile. Things seemed to be running well so he was happy.

The sudden sound of people gasping loudly near the front of the building caught everyone’s attention. Gen immediately looked up and without thought to the sound, he was already rising to his feet. It was not the easiest process for him. The kind man had some trouble moving as a noticeable limp hobbled his movements. However, the sound made him move to the front doors quicker than most, with the white cat trailing behind  drowsy-eyed, but curious as to what was going on. Gen arrived at the front door and saw a few people gathered around what looked like a person sitting on the floor. He quickly approached, seeing a few of his workers already there.

“What is going on?”

People responded to his voice, even if they couldn’t understand what he was saying in Japanese. The small crowd of people parted before him. What was revealed was a young lady laying on the floor. She had a bruise on her face and her clothes were visibly torn. Her eyes were filled with tears, and she had panic on her face-at least until she saw Gen.

“Are you all right?”

The voice had gotten a tone softer. The woman nodded, but was quick to point to the outside doorway. A young delivery man standing close by looked to the door and then to Gen.

“They are outside. They harassed her and hit her,” The young man said.

“That is not good,” Gen replied.

It took only a few minutes to think. He looked to the door.

“How many of them are there?”

Gen’s question surprised most around him.

“Two…” The woman eeped out as she wiped away her tears. “Americans. Street punks.”

Gen’s face grew stern. Those that were around him felt a chill. He was not a violent man, but his buttons had been pushed. Everyone stopped moving, and the old man looked at the door.

“Haru, call the police,” Gen said as the younger man snapped to attention. “You all make sure she will be all right. I will handle this.”

The order from the kindly man nearly drew a gasp from those nearby. The younger Haru’s eyes grow wider, and he knew this was not going to turn out well, but that he better do as he was told. He ran off to grab the nearest phone as Gen hobbled his way up to the front door and looked out the window. He didn’t see much. Without many words, Gen opened the front door and looked outside. There were people looking in the other direction with horrible expressions on their faces. He knew which direction to go in. He traveled up the sidewalk as a few cars passed him by. It wasn’t long before he found two younger men. They were a sight that stuck out like sore thumbs. One of them was blond with a spiked haircut and one had a darker mane of longer hair. They didn’t look to be from the area. The leather jackets and sneering smiles were not something that was seen in the area often.

Gen did not care. The kindly older man walked right up to both of the men, surprising them.

“Do you know what is going on out here?” Gen asked in English, hiding his growing anger.

“What of it, old man?” The blond guy asked with obvious sarcasm.

“Yeah, what’s your problem?” The other chimed in quickly.

Gen’s stance did not change,

“I have someone who said she was assaulted out here. Did you see what happened?”

The two took the man’s words with humor and started giggling. Before another word, Gen knew that something was up.

“That’s not our problem,” the dark-haired one scoffed. “Buzz off, Oldtimer.”

“Yeah! Go bother someone else,” The blond one replied flipping the bird and turning around.

Gen did not feel panic, but he did feel something growing in him. He held his stance firm.


Both the thugs stopped when Gen raised his voice.  Bystanders turned their heads to look and some started running off. The two thugs were just surprised and both turned around.

“What did you say?” the blond asked.

“You heard me!” Gen replied with a raised voice. “She was struck. Do you know who did it?”

The snickers and smiles disappeared. Both the thugs were surprised at the response.

“Maybe,” The dark-haired one said. “Maybe the bitch deserved it.”

It only took a fraction of a second for the words to register in Gen’s head.

They did it.

“Aww, what’re you gonna do, old man?” The dark hair one taunted. “Get out of here if you know what’s good for you!”

The anger building in Gen was not a feeling he enjoyed, but it was one that he had felt before. He may not be the youngest man around the city block, but he was no pushover either.

“You did that to her?!”


You can read the rest of the story (on October the 31) for just 99 Cents at these ebook retailers:



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Now, before I go I want to point anyone reading this towards a special little pup who is part of the family of a friend of mine. I have not had the chance to meet her personally, but Bailey isn’t feeling too good and she needs some help. Poor Bailey could use the kindness of strangers so if you are reading this, I ask you to give her a little love and help her and Jen out. She has had a rough one so far so she could use the help. You can donate to her and her human Jen HERE.

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